Yan Zhang
Plenary Session (Day 3)
Assistant General Manager & Director of Research Institute

Yan Zhang holds a Ph. D. degree of Nutrition and Food Hygiene from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. In 1998, he joined Angel Yeast Co., LTD., and is now the assistant general manager of the company and the director of Angel research institute. He has engaged in the field of nutrition and health for 26 years, and has developed a series of nutritional health products such as fortified yeast, functional yeast raw materials, and yeast probiotics. The first yeast probiotic products in China developed by him has gained NutraIngredients Asia selected the probiotic products award for 2019.

Event Introduction
Plenary Session (Day 3)
 · 06/27 (Day 3)
Conference Hall
Unbox the Future
Yeast Protein to Reshape Food Sector

Yeast protein! Derived from brewing yeast, yeast protein is the product obtained after removing most of the cell wall, with a protein content of over 80%! Although compared to industries like automotive and internet, the term "technology" may not seem very related to food and beverages. But isn't this new protein source quite cool too?!

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