Lili Wang

Lili Wang is the CEO of Yijian Communications.

CEIBS/Peking University CEO Program Guest Lecture

European Chamber Marketing & Comms Committee former Chair

Former PRCC Chair of AICM (Association of International Chemical Manufactory)

Advisor of CCTV-National Brand Plan (CCTV国家品牌计划)

CMO of GE Consumer &Industrial Asia, 1B$ business in 14 countries

CMO and Corp Communications head of of Bestbuy Asia

DSM China Branding, PR, Corp Communications Leader

Consultant of Deloitte (Chicago) on globalization strategies

On-screen reporter/producer of CCTV-1焦点访谈, received “China News Award”

Host/Keynote speaker record:

- Host lady of Shanghai International Ads Festival (2018, 2020)

- Host Lady & Guest Speaker of CPCIC (the most influential chemical forum)

- Guest speaker of China International Ads Festival

- Chair and host lady of Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Forum

Education: MS of IMC, Northwestern University (Chicago)