Vita Tatjana Krampitz
Tech Talks (Day 2-3)
Head of Technology Management New Food

Tatjana Krampitz is head of technology management for new food developments at machine and plant manufacturer GEA. The graduate engineer in biotechnology and process engineering (Hamburg-Harburg University of Technology) focuses on innovations for cell-based applications of novel foods. She was instrumental in developing the pilot line for cell cultivation and fermentation at the GEA Application and Technology Center of Excellence in Hildesheim, Germany. Previously, Krampitz managed projects in the biopharma sector worldwide, from technical planning to handover to the customer. Through her thought leadership, she advocates for the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to shape a more sustainable, healthy, and inclusive future for the food industry.

Event Introduction
Tech Talks (Day 2-3)
 · 06/27 (Day 3)
Reimagine Food
4.2H - Silk Road Hall
Future Food Lab
[Panel Discussion] From Lab to Table: Turning Food Tech to Popular Products

Imagine you are savouring a piece of delicious, nutritious meat, but it has come from a laboratory "petri dish". Food tech is transforming unattainable science fiction concepts into table fare. How do we realise the commercial potential of new technologies and take them from the lab to the table of millions of families?

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