Kevin Liao
Drink Talks
General Manager, China
Yeo Hiap Seng

Worked at Yeo Hiap Seng China for 5 years, leading the restructuring of product and talent portfolio, reshaping RTM, supply chain, and supporting functions with the goal of brand rejuvenation and expansion beyond Guangdong.

Previous experience includes roles at Nestle ice cream BU, Dole packaged food, MasterKong-Starbucks RTD, Unilever foods retail. With a 19-year professional career in food and beverage sales management, I have conducted research on various supply chain methods (cold chain, ambient, co-packer, import etc.) and different channels (retail, foodservice, EC, special channel etc.).

Event Introduction
Drink Talks
 · 06/26 (Day 2)
Wow, Drink It Up!
4.2H - Hall C1
Category Innovation
In the ultra-competitive beverage sector, innovation in product, brand, or channel is like beating around the bush when it comes to occupying consumers' mind space. Perhaps we need a more comprehensive approach to drive long-term category innovation as consumers' perceptions are formed by category.
Faced with numerous beverage categories, FBIF2024 will break down the issue into two dimensions. 1. For categories that are slowing down, like carbonated drinks, fruit and vegetable juices and so on, where to seek new growth amid coexistence of consumption upgrading and downgrading? 2. For fast-growing smaller categories, like instant coffee, zero-sugar tea, regional flavor beverages and so on, how to seize opportunities in category substitution and become the next-gen star categories?
[Panel Discussion] Achieving Significant Growth Without Relying on Major Products

Asia Sarsae has an annual sales volume exceeding 200 million bottles, originating from Fujian and eventually listed in Singapore by Yeo Hiap Seng. Guhe sour plum soup can sell tens of thousands of cups a day... More and more local specialty beverages are gradually being accepted by the public. In the current era of "small is beautiful" that is approaching, how can local flavored beverages, which no longer blindly pursue "flagship products", become more and more "beautiful"?

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