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Cui Qiutan, a senior engineer and member of the China Association for the Promotion of Democracy, is currently the Chairman of Chongqing Mengtai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. He is the founder of multiple technology-based enterprises and has rich investment management experience. He is skilled in integrating scientific and technological resources. Previously represented the Chinese graphene industry at the Summer Davos Forum.

Event Introduction
Drink Talks
 · 06/25 (Day 1)
Wow, Drink It Up!
4.2H - Hall C1
Flavors Level Up
[Panel Discussion] Wild Lemon

Everyone loves the taste of lemon! From classic drinks like Sprite and iced tea to upgraded options like cold-pressed lemon juice and hand-crafted lemon tea, lemon, with its balance of tartness and sweetness, brings endless possibilities for beverage innovation. The Lemon Republic, founded three years ago, has achieved sales of over 300 million yuan with an overall repurchase rate of 25%. The freshly made lemon tea brand, Lemon Right, offers consumers the experience of tasting "three types of lemon in one sip" and has surpassed 150 stores within two years of its establishment. Mengtai Biotechnology is rooted in the industry, pushing Tongnan lemons into broader markets...

How did lemon become a classic flavor in the beverage industry? Currently, what other opportunities are there for innovation based on lemon?

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