Anton Holenstein
Head of Group Strategy
Bühler Group

Anton Holenstein holds a PhD in Physics from ETH Zurich

• Executive MBA in Economics from the University of St. Gallen

• Executive MBA in Marketing from Zurich University of Applied Sciences

• Since 2000, Anton Holenstein has been with the Bühler Group as Chief Strategy Officer, responsible for the Group's business development and strategy.

Event Introduction
 · 06/25 (Day 1)
FBIF iFood Show · Foodtalks
IPIA Day-Future Food Innovation under the Big Food Perspective
Building a Sustainable Future Food Value Chain

The current food system faces numerous challenges, including resource depletion, soil degradation, climate change, food waste, population growth, nutritional inequality, and biodiversity loss. To address these issues, Bühler is committed to building a sustainable future food system through innovation and strategic initiatives.

Bühler aims to reduce energy consumption, water usage, and food waste in its customers' value chains by 50% by 2030. The company is developing alternative protein technologies, such as plant-based and insect-based proteins, to provide environmentally friendly protein sources. Bühler also designs energy-efficient and eco-friendly equipment to significantly reduce energy and resource consumption. By collaborating with global organizations and academic institutions, Bühler promotes sustainable agricultural practices, provides education and training, and advocates for local sourcing to reduce carbon emissions. Additionally, Bühler employs efficient processing and storage technologies to minimize food loss and waste during these stages.

Bühler's innovations and initiatives lay the foundation for a more resilient and sustainable future food system.

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