Tianxiang Chen
Deputy General Manager
Jinnong Biotech

Chen Tianxiang, Deputy General Manager of Wuxi Jinnong Bio-technology Co. Ltd., has been dedicated to the advanced processing and utilization of rice resources. He has long been engaged in the research and utilization of rice-based plant protein, rice starch, rice oligopeptides, and other rice-derived products. Chen holds extensive industry and product development experience. He has published numerous papers in related fields and has been awarded more than 20 patents. As one of the principal project leaders, he has received the China National Light Industry Council's First Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress and the Ministry of Education's Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress.

Event Introduction
 · 06/25 (Day 1)
FBIF iFood Show · Foodtalks
IPIA Day-Future Food Innovation under the Big Food Perspective
Technological innovation taps into the functionality and value of rice, aiding in human health and well-being.

Rice is the primary staple food for Chinese people, with a cultivation and consumption history of 7,000 years. Since ancient times, there have been numerous functions and legends associated with rice. Utilizing modern food technology, the full potential and value of rice can be discovered and exploited. Rice can be refined into products such as starch, protein, and small molecular peptides, which have unique application values in the fields of plant-based foods, functional foods, and skincare products.

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