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    Address from Chairman

    Jessica Chen , Marketing Director, China, AAK

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    Fermented Foods: Points from DuPont

    Fermentation is traditional, fashionable and innovative. With healthier image, fermented foods especially for fermented dairy products carried most imagination and expectation for consumers.
    Fermented foods have come a long way with innovation, from  ancient times to today. However, only differentiated innovation can impress today's consumers. Products with regional, healthy, functional, snacking, convenient, personal, and cross-border features, .are all important ways of differentiation.
    Innovative LAB cultures (incl. starter cultures and probiotic cultures) bring not only taste & texture, but also health benefits such as immune health, weight management and bone health, in addition to the wellknown digestive health for consumers. Today, the concept of probiotics is so popular, while visibility, interest & fun, and personalized health benefits beyond digestive health are constant choices for food and beverage applications.
    Let DuPont help you create more differentiated, cross-border, versatile and  supreme fermented foods.

    Susan.Jin , Product line leader probiotics, biopreservation,dietary fiber and breast milk oligosaccharide ingredient, Asia Pacific, Dupont Nutrition & Health

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    Functional Yoghurt: Not only Tasty, but more Inspiration

    Functional Yoghurt: Not only Tasty, but more Inspiration "Chinese consumers are paying more and more attention to the intake of dairy products, be their quality or quantity. Reports from Mintel indicate that health claims with “added” and “reduced” are the decision-making factors that make consumers most willing to pay for a premium. However, our domestic market of health functional food is still flawed and imperfect, while functional yoghurt products in other countries (such as Japan) have a relatively complete system and the craze for these products continues.
    · What do these functional food development strategies bring to us?
    · How do we achieve accurate positioning by segmenting and in-depth research on consumer groups?
    · What exactly is product innovation?

    Satoru Ozaki , Chief Clerk, Co-Creation Center, Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.

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    New Development Opportunities for Dairy Products under the Consumption Upgrades

    The increasing number of popular words like high-end products, craftsmanship, etc. shows the continuing trend of product upgrading. With the increasing public concern on the health as well as the improving living standards, consumers' pursuits for the upgrading dairy products, one of their daily necessities, are also greatly changing. Any consumption upgrading innovations, in aspects of positioning, contents, packaging and designs, or even the consumption scenarios, inspect the consumer insights. Which will be the next opportunity for dairy consumption upgrades?

    Ice Hu , Cluster Marketing Services Director, Tetra Pak China

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    Food Show Touring & Tea Break

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    Small Molecule Functional Protein Ingredients in 5G Era

    In the coming 5G high-speed information era, the market of functional food and beverage will become larger and larger, and become the focus of consumer choice on the basis of eating and drinking well. Small molecule, functional protein, as ingredients market upstart, has more and more varieties. Functional diversification has become the mainstream. Antioxidant? Regulating immunity? Anti-aging? No one wants to get sick. We all know that prevention is the best policy. Who doesn't want to live 10 years longer! But how? We have selected three futuristic functional protein ingredients to introduce to you, to explore with you how to meet the needs of consumers in the era of 5G functional protein ingredients and their applications. Looking forward to helping you develop hot style products!

    Dr. Zhang Shaohui Shanghai JiaoTong University College of Agriculture and Biology Professor, Bor S. Luh Food Safety Research Center Associate Director; GO PEPTIDES General Manager

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    Address from Chairman

    Jacky Chen , VP FL China, Firmenich Aromatics (China)co.Ltd

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    Will Protein Water Be a Good Concept?

    “Protein” plus “fitness and bodybuilding” is a good combination, and “fitness and bodybuilding” plus “water” is a good combination. As exercise and fitness market is prosperous nowadays, will the new combination of protein and water become popular?

    Bo Zhang , Founder and general manager, Healstec Innovative Formulation

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    Whole-bean Soymilk: Breaker of Chinese Soybean Milk Market

    • Definition of Whole-beanSoymilk: All soybeans are transformed into soybean milk after ultrafine processing, and no soybean dregs are produced.
    • Breakthrough Advantages of Whole-beanSoymilk over Traditional Soybean Milk: It is friendlier to manufacturers, consumers and the environment. The waste disposal costs and raw material costs are greatly reduced, the products are healthier with high fibre and the tastes are also better, and there will be less impact on the social environment.
    • Orientation and Product Concept of Whole-beanSoymilk: The basic national nutrition in the era with excess calorie; the convenient light diet for anytime and anywhere; the specialized healthy soybean milk for the olds.
    • The Unique Consumption Scenario and Value System of Whole-beanSoymilk: It expands the soybean milk category from basic breakfast nutrients to health and substitute meals, breaking through the limit of the traditional soymilk's low value.
    • The Technological Breakthrough of Whole-beanSoymilk: It uses special technologies like the ultra-fine processing, viscosity control, product stability without stabilizer system, and flavor optimization without essences.
    • Processing Solutions of Whole-beanSoymilk: Effectively coordinating the whole program to finally make breakthroughs.
    • Plant-based Yoghurt with the Base Material of Whole-beanSoymilk: The Substantive V Change of the Soybean Milk Value.

    Tony Zhang , PSE Cluster Category Leader-Beverage, Tetra Pak China

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    Food Show Touring & Tea Break

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    Taste For Good

    While the focus on taste preference in foods had been driven by the quest for indulgence, in the recent years, taste has become increasingly the most effective lever to drive healthier and more sustainable eating habits, touching consumers of all demographics. The presentation will give an overview of the recent developments in food reformulations for improved nutritional quality, and will use sweetness as an example to illustrate the convergence of benefits of such initiatives. The particular relevance to China will be central.

    Imad Farhat , Global VP Taste, F irmenich

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    A Wider Popularity Gene Embedded in the Niche Craft Beer

    Craft beer has enjoyed worldwide growth and sparked a revolution in the beer category. What exactly is the driving force behind this success? Compared to large mostly Lager beer brands, these artisanal beers have created closer connections with consumers, through authentic stories and people. The founder and brewmasters are continuously listening to the consumer feedback to innovate, expanding the boundaries of what beer can mean to people. Craft beer embraces creativity and unlimited taste experience, with a spirit of craftsmanship. In recent years, Chinese consumption of craft beer has maintained an increase rate of over 40%. Craft Beer has quickly become a symbol of Millenials’ insatiable interest for new sensory experiences. Craft beer often brings a strong sense of place, creating strong bond with the local communities. How does craft beer appeal to consumers? How does the market go through the taste transition period smoothly? How do microbreweries evolve to scale up and keep up with the demand?

    Jerome Pellaud , VP Global Craft & Specialties, ZX Ventures

    Nicolas Morelli , Craft and Specialties VP APAC North, ZX Ventures

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    Address from Chairman

    Dongni Yan , Portfolio Development Manager, Jebsen Specialty Chemicals Co. Ltd.

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    Compared to Chinese, the Western people are more used to drink sparkling water, soda water and mineral water in their daily life. How does this lifestyle come into being?

    • Analysis of the current mineral water consumption and its relevant standards in Europe and America
    • What role does the government play in the development of the European and American water industry?
    • How do European and American water brands build consumer awareness?

    Topic Value:

    China’s local governments have invested heavily in green industries, but their lack of awareness of the water industry causes policies and marketing directions to be vague. Things happened in the areas such as Changbai Mountain, Wudalianchi and Tongren, Guizhou are very typical. Apart from that, domestic bottled water companies are confronted with the challenge to build consumer awareness when developing the above-mentioned three types of water. In conclusion, local governments need policy-making guidance, and companies need successful cases to refer to , which Europe offer the best model.

    Jean-Pierre Deffis , President of the European Bottled Water Federation(EFBW) ; Former General Manager for Danone Waters ; Former President of the French Bottled Water Association

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    To create a brand, you have to define and build its fundamental equity on a modern and evolutive way. But it’s not only about that, it’s also about its product innovation and its dynamic activation in order to set an alive and attractive brand culture. Christophe Pradere, CEO & founder of BETC Design & BETC Asia, will uncover the secret of brand curation by introducing how BETC helped to reposition and reinvent BADOIT, an iconic but aging water brand under Danone, through 8 years of collaboration.

    Christophe Pradere , CEO & Founder, BETC Design & BETC Asia

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    Food Show Touring & Tea Break

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    In the new media landscape, how do middle and high-end mineral water brands communicate with consumers?

    Topic Value: It has been urgently needed for the traditional mineral water brands, like Wahaha, Yake, Nongfu Spring and Coca-Cola, to make transformation and produce middle to high end products. But, do they clearly understand consumers’ expectation for these products? The large and medium-sized mineral water brands usually spend huge monry on marketing but the effects are hard to be evaluated. In contrast, new media can be a very efficient tool. But the key is how the brands use this tool to save money and increase efficiency. Would the power of community-centric marketing and a fan economy also apply to the mineral water industry? The answer is yes. However, as different types of mineral water has different properties and consumption scenarios, they respectively have different marketing tricks.

    • For middle to high end mineral water brands, how do they break the deadlock in the Chinese market?
    • How to leverage the power of the mineral waterproduct itself?
    • How do brands get free and valuable consumer insights via new media?
    • In a new medialandscape, how can brands be “soft and hard” when communicating with consumers?
    • How do mineral water brands leverage external forces to create a fan economy?

    Cathy Gu, Founder, Koala Marketing

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    About HPP session on FBIF 2019

    -Extending freshness and optimizing supply-chain efficiencies using HPP technology in the Juice sector

    -Introducing the process differences between HPP and NFC Juice production

    -Comparison of Vitamin C retention in HPP and NFC Orange Juice

    -The advantages of extended shelf life of 90-120 days for planning, warehousing, production and logistics function

    -Ability of HPP process to use globally sourced ingredients & raw materials harvested at their peak for premium quality consistency

    -Ability of HPP process to give ‘global reach’ – able to export fresh beverages globally due to extended shelf life

    -Ability of HPP process to open up e-commerce channel due to extended shelf-life

    -The cost advantages of HPP as relates to minimizing shelf life write-offs

    -The advantages of HPP processing versus on-premise fresh squeezing

    -Simplify preparation and presentation

    Bin Xue , VP of R&D, Chic Grounp

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    Address from Chairman

    Shirley Lu , Senior Advisor, Healthy Photon

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    Snacking: the Definitive Occasion

    For most consumers, snacking is a part of daily life and always has been. What is changing, however, is the way people think about snacking and what is considered a snack. Consumers are looking for snacks featuring health and wellness without sacrifice of convenience and indulgence. Snacking is no longer the optional extra, but the definitive occasion. It is a central focus of innovation across all food and beverage categories.

    Please join in the presentation by Innova Market Insights and explore how the food and beverage industry can leverage the snacking trends to seize more opportunities.

    Patrick Mannion , Managing Director, Innova Market Insights

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    The fourth meal of health and delicacy -- Snacking innovation wave with N+1 possibilities.

    Busy modern life and the new generation life style, leave unlimited space and challenges for future food and drinks development. Snacks will leap beyond the boundaries of tradition and extend in more diverse directions. There are multiple possibilities for future snacks: Not limited to biscuits and potato chips and nuts, it may also be a creamy and smooth nutritious yogurt, or fat-burning chips rich in protein, all-powerful chocolate that can regulate the intestinal tract, and fermented meat products with sweet and sour flavor... Or is it a crazy combination of these N plus 1 possibilities?
    Under the general trend of paying equal attention to health and enjoyment, how to seize this opportunity and explore the future of the fourth meal? Let DuPont and your company lead the new cross-over innovation on snacks together.

    Annie Yang , Strategic Marketing Manager Greater China, DuPont Nutrition &Health

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    Farewell Dark, Milk and White Chocolate, We’ve Got Ruby

    Finally, the world welcomes its fourth type in chocolate—“Ruby”, a new variety introduced since the advent of white chocolate in the 1930s. Totally worthy of 80 waiting years, Ruby chocolate has no added color, yet with an innate charming pink; no added seasoning, yet with a natural berry aroma. The unique flavor and color create a romantic fantasy world and the combination of sweet fruity taste and mellow smooth mouth feel presents consumers with unprecedented experience. What trend can we expect from this Ruby chocolate wave?

    George Zhang , MD of China, Barry Callebaut

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    Food Show Touring & Tea Break

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    Theme Speech: Matching the Chinese New Year Flavor: Baicaowei - Chinese Flavor

    In recent years, more and more people start to wonder whether the New Year in China is becoming duller, while the answer is obvious. The New Year flavours have always been around people,and people need to understand and feel them.
    In the changes of the whole consumer market, the leisure food consumer market has also undergone dramatic changes. As a top-ranking leisure snack brand with strong Chinese characteristics, Baicaowei has been creating a series of gift box product with unique Chinese flavour and meeting the needs of consumers for New Year gifts. At the same time, we also use IP marketing and popular spokesperson to expand the market and penetrate into fans and common consumers. Actually, all of the things that we have been down, are the ways that we match to the Chinese traditions and the New Year flavours.

    Jingyue Wang , Co-founder, Baicaowei

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    Address from Chairman

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    Growth Path in New Retail Era

    China food & beverage market continued to experience challenges  in 2018 as a result of slower population and saturation of traditional sectors. Consumption upgrade, driven by more new categories and new occasions, as well as premiumisation, is the key force behind growth. Kantar identified active silvers, small town youth as well as Generation Z as major growth engines to watch out. Kantar identified three most important factors that motivate China’s Gen-Z shoppers to spend their money on brands: buy more social, I am what I buy and my pleasure, right now. This means that F&B brands will have to make their product fun, beautiful and personalized for those consumers.

    To win in the new retail era, Kantar advise to build new consumer experience around product leadership, engage consumers through social media and influencers as well as utilize social + Ecommerce channels to trigger new purchase occasions.

    Jason Yu , General Manager in China, Kantar Worldpanel

    Steve Lin , Senior Research Director, Kantar TNS

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    China Youth Trends and Marketing Innovation Implications

    From the post-80s, the post-90s to the post-00s, the rapid changes of the Chinese young consumers have raised greater challenges as well as opportunities for businesses today. With 10-years of consumer trend tracking and experience serving many top international and domestic brands, Youthology will present the key youth trends and marketing innovation implications with a holistic, in-depth and forward-looking perspective.

    Zafka Zhang , Co-Founder, Youthology

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    Food Show Touring & Tea Break

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    Li Jing , Investor, former VP of Baidu

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    iQIYI Variety Show,keep innovating,keep following original faith

    With super high audience ratings of entertainment programs and super high box office of entertainment movies, Chinese entertainment industry is in full swing. For companies in China, the unpredictably massive traffic and the hidden marketing opportunities behind this phenomenon indicate the coming of a golden age for entertainment marketing. For example, Luzhou Laojiao launched a new alcohol "Taohua Zui" and perfectly embedded it in the TV series "To the Sky Kingdom"(《三生三世十里桃花》). Nongfu Spring invited the two actors starring in drama "Guardian"(《镇魂》) to promote its product Lemon C100, resulting in stock-out of the product due to fans crazy buying behavior. And also in the hot net drama "Story of Yanxi Palace"(《延禧攻略》), there are very interesting embedded ads.

    Let's explore how traffic is converted into brand sales without being annoying.

    Dong Xuanyu , Entertainment Marketing Center General Manager, iQIYI

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    Address from Chairman

    Shealynn Chin , Senior Strategist, Silver Bullet

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    How consumers make decisions in the Cloud era

    The digital economy is coming to the fore, how does China's digital transformation affect marketing? How has the consumer decision journey changed? Amy chen will give you answers.

    Amy Chen , Sr.Marketing Director, JD Cloud

  • 09:45

    How brands get the First Moment of Market Truth

    In the process of digital transformation, consumer goods companies often encounter the following key obstacles:
    · China is a vast country with numerous terminals, data collection is time-consuming and laborious, and there is a lack of store data in the first moment
    · Manual input by dealers/sales representatives/third-party auditors lacks objectivity in data collection
    · There is no comprehensive, accurate data to identify the key drivers of business growth
    · Due to low data granularity, it is not possible to accurately evaluate the compliance of shelves and displays
    · There is no store-level data to analyze the effectiveness and authenticity of marketing promotions
    · Lack of insight on how to delight shoppers, dealers and retailers
    Trax helps consumer goods companies establish the First Moment of Market Truth, win in stores, and win in China's new retail!
    Trax is the leading provider of computer vision solutions and analytics for retail, recently ranked in the top 25 Fastest Growing Companies on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 list. The company enables tighter execution controls in-store and provides clients with the ability to leverage competitive insights through its in-store execution tools, market measurement services and data science to unlock revenue opportunities at all points of sale. More than 175 top brands and retailers leverage Trax globally in more than 50 countries to manage in-store execution and increase revenues at the shelf. Clients include Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Heineken, Diageo, Nestle, Henkel and Tsingtao beer.

    Nancy Wang , Managing Director, Greater China, Trax

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    Food Show Touring & Tea Break

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    How to establish the granary in the age of consumption revolution

    Sun Shijun , CEO, Hangzhou Adopted A Cow biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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    Grab the Attention of Customers, Keep Your Brand Popular

    Chicecream is probably the most expensive ice cream bar in China. An Ecuadorian pink diamond bar was sold for 66 yuan, and 20,000 pieces were sold out in only 15 hours! On Double 11 shopping carnival 2018, Chicecream's daily sales exceeded 4.6 million yuan with sales index ranking first in Tmall ice category. Its pop-up shops are also the "holy land" for fashion-lovers, with more than 10 million people participating in the activity. However, Chicecream was just founded in March 2018.

    In recent years, there are always some brands frequently appear in everybody's sight, then brush the screens and become the meteoric rise of the "internet celebrity". But we found many brands, after a onetime popularity, would be often forgotten. The creation of a new popular adopter is temporary, but the habit is permanent. What Chicecream is thinking about is how to make a habit.
    1.After the era of hot single product, how can we find the next booming sector in food and beverage industry with the base of tasty products?
    2.How can we influence more people?
    3.How can we build a lasting relationship with customers through innovation in the face of frequently upgraded consumer demands?
    4.What should be finely done for building a long lasting brand?

    Frank Lin , CEO, Chicecream

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    Address from Chairman

    Elisa Chen , Group Director, LPK China

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    Quantifying the Business Value of Design

    What’s the most valuable investment a CPG company can make in order to deliver the most impact? Turns out the answer is Design. In this program, The Business Value of Design, Mark Dziersk, a Partner in McKinsey Design will present data and case studies from McKinsey’s recent extensive research study on design. McKinsey and Company reviewed 300 companies over a 5-year period and looked at over 100,000 Design actions and collected 2 million pieces of financial data. The outcome is a unique view on the value of design to business and a perspective on the best practices for CPG’s to use design most successfully. In addition to this research, Mr. Dziersk will also profile best practices for executing design in CPG and FMCG goods. Mr. Dziersk will do this by sharing a number of recent case studies, methods and techniques all centered around Design thinking methodology.

    Mark Dziers , Design Partner, McKinsey Design

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    Keynote Speech: Designing multi-sensory brand experiences

    Motivated by the power of multi-sensory storytelling to design meaningful and purpose-driven brand, product and service experiences that excite and engage people, Ximena has been inspiring, instigating and leading teams for the past 25 years. At Nestlé she influences and guides the creation, leadership and championing of brand design experiences, anchoring these activities around the senses. Her talk will stimulate and inspire through sharing ways in which Nestlé brands have brought to life brand experiences that are multi-sensory by design.

    Ximena O'Reilly , Global Head of Visual Identity&Design, Nestle

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    Food Show Touring & Tea Break

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    ART X BIZ: Open the door for brands to walk ‘IN&OUT

    During the short time among 2016-2018, the Chinese local design new star L3 Branding has become the only one at APAC being recognized as Coca-Cola’s Global Tier 1 Creative Supplier. The agency has helped many leading foreign and domestic F&B brands such as Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Mead Johnson, COFCO, Mengniu etc to upgrade the image. And it also won two Gold Pentawards consecutively, which offer a good example of balancing business performance and art pursuit. By sharing these cases, L3 will lead us to:
    1. How shall world-known brands walk in local markets by visual upgrade?
    2. When big local players recognize the importance of design, how to catch up?
    3. How does design help brands most?

    Grant Li , Founder & Creative Director, L3 Branding

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    The Future of Digital Print for Packaging to 2022

    a. Economic short runs offer more possiblities to different versioning
    b. The power of engagement, eg. Coca-Cola 's named bottles and Oreo let consumers color the package case
    c. Quick adaption with legislation
    d. Track and trace
    e. Design improvements

    Victoria Pekarska , Regional Brand Innovation Lead, HP

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    Address from Chairman

    Elisa Chen , Group Director, LPK China

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    Experience Wine beyond Glass

    Augmented Reality (AR) was invented almost eight years ago, and was soon adapted in food and beverage industry for packaging. There are many excellent practices, generated huge excitement in themarket. But more often, the application is strive to justify itself between the investment and return. Questions have been asked:
    1. Is AR packaging a one-time thing?
    2. How can AR fulfill different shopping needs?
    3. Except traffics and share of voice, what else can AR do for you?
    Too many good-looking packages in the world, too few stand out an interesting brand character? Find out how to have consumers experience wine beyond glass with AR technology.

    Tommy Tse , Regional PR Director, Asia, Middle East, Africa & Global Travel Retail, Treasury Wine Estates

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    Changing tastes – designing for our future lifestyle

    So, you want to be a lifestyle brand? Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher Founding Creative Partner will debate just why lifestyle has become the ultimate aspiration for so many global brands today, but also such a complex and ever-evolving challenge. Jonathan will define the future of lifestyle branding as highlighted in Pearlfisher’s latest insight report – Life Mode – which explores the aspirational lifestyle branding sector and the opportunity it showcases for food and beverage brands to be the change-makers in this highly desirable space if they can understand how consumers will live in the future. Jonathan will underline that by embracing three corresponding and key areas of change that will shape the future of lifestyle - optimising consumers’ needs for personal progression and optimisation, creating new communities and establishing new and more meaningful legacies - brands can future-proof their offer to create the change their consumers want to see.

    Building on a pedigree of brand design for international clients, including NongFu, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Blue Bottle Coffee, Jonathan will illuminate how visionary, purposeful and committed food & beverage brands, products and services can take their consumers into new and unchartered spaces by designing for the lives we want to live - and giving them more than just a taste of what their future lifestyle has to offer.

    Jonathan Ford , Founding Creative Partner & CEO, Pearlfisher

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    Food Show Touring & Tea Break

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    Workshop: In the information dusting era, packaging decision-making power drives brand growth.

    In the era of information dusting, consumers have received unprecedented information while the stimulus threshold has increased significantly. The entire consumer decision-making system established by advertising in the past has quietly changed. The role of packaging design in the terminals has undergone substantial changes from transmission to communication, terminal differentiation to packaging decision-making power, product perception to brand reach. Facing the rapid changes in the market environment and consumers, how can brand packaging respond flexibly? How to judge the effective solutions of packaging design and hidden minefield? Peng Chong, the founder of PESIGN, the winner of the first Pentawards Platinum Prize in Greater China and the first reddot and iF awards in China’s dairy products, is to share the advanced design methodology accumulated in the long-term service of domestic and international fast-moving consumer goods brands. Meanwhile, he will discuss with many excellent brand producers about the practical design solutions in the field. It is a great chance to update your mindset of package behind the brands.
    1.Misunderstanding of the 3-second law and how to establish the decision-making power in package.
    2.The basis of the design is to solve problems: accurately determine the packaging problems.
    3.Advanced methodology: packaging occupancy and barriers; not filtered by consumers; no opportunities for followers.
    4.On-site exploration: What are your most concerned issues in packaging ? How do the first-tier brand producers solve them?
    Setup of excellent linkages: PM, designers and suppliers, and post-95consumers of the new generations will respectively represent three important groups in the real business environment. Then, they form three camps on site to confront and cooperate. So it is not only a smooth expression of appealing and their voices, but also a consideration of decision-making for packaging among different groups.

    Peng Chong , Founder, Pesign

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    Address from Chairman

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    How To Find Great F&B Brands on Chinese Market?

    With consumption upgrade, the consumer market has received unprecedented attention from the capital market. Even funds that once invested in the Internet industry have set up consumer funds, such as Gaorong Capital and Joy Capital. Food and beverage market is massive and large-scaled, and many listed companies valued 100 billion yuan are born on the segmented markets, such as Moutai, Wuliangye, Yanghe, Haitian Flavoring & Food, Yili Group, Mengniu Group and China Resources Beer. Meanwhile, with increasingly mature consumer market and retail environment in China, some changes occur, be it market landscape or consumption habits. And some excellent consumer brands, especially the food ones will emerge from the chaos. How do capital funds find companies that might become great in F&B industry? What categories these companies may appear in? How do capital funds find them at their early stage? What are the characteristics of these companies?

    Jeacy Yan , Partner, IDG Capital

  • 09:10

    Investing to Build Iconic Food and Beverage Brands

    VMG Partners is a well-known American capital funds investing in consumer products, especially those early-stage consumer brands. VMG Partners invested in Bare, KIND, and Spindrift. How do these early-stage consumer brands funds find the best brands? How do they support these brands after

    Kara Cissell-Roell , Founding Partner, VMG Partners

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    Food Show Touring & Tea Break

  • 10:50

    How Pepsi works with start-ups and builds a broad network

    Austin Kozman , R&D Director of Global R&D External Innovation, PepsiCo, Inc.

  • 11: 35

    Topic Released On-Site

    Tenghe Hu , Managing Director, CITICPE

  • 08:45

    Address from Chairman

    Li Xin , President, Sustenture

  • 08:50

    How Come 3G Capital so Successful?

    Oreo cookies, Budweiser beer, Burger King, Maxwell House coffee, DQ ice cream, Wrigley, Cadbury, Pacific biscuits, Prince biscuits, Chips Ahoy, and Heinz baby rice cereal, all above foods and beverages and brands you encounter or love much belong to Warren Buffett and his good friend Jorge Paulo Lemann, the richest man in Brazil.

    Cristiane Correa , Author of the Book Dream Big, Consultant in Brazil

  • 09:30

    Road Show: Hi Founders!

    In recent years, with the explosive growth of Start-up companies in the food industry, more and more products that can technologically and individually solve consumers' tricky problems emerged in the market, which greatly challenged and subverted the food industry in aspects of product concept, supply chain efficiency and sustainable development. Innovative products like the Beyond Meat that stirred up the trend of artificial meat, the Sprindrift that redefined the Bubble Water, the Ripple Foods, which is the representative of the new plant-based products and so on, which greatly promoted the growth of the food industry. And till now, the food entrepreneurship has entered into an unprecedented pop stage.There are also many innovative forces for the food industry in Chinese markets. Hence, FBIF2019 organized this special Roadshow "Hi Founders!", trying to build a bridge between start-ups and capitals to accelerate the iterations and innovations in the food industry. They will help you understand the investment logistics behind successful investment cases, post-investment management experience, and enlighten the opportunities for entrepreneurship in the food industry.

    The speakers in the Road Show includes:

    Peng Cao, SMEAL (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd

    Hao Fang, Shanghai Chenji Food Technology Co., Ltd


    Lennon Tsai, Hangzhou Yuanpin Catering Management Co., Ltd

    Zhixiang Wang, WEiBACK

    Steven, TNINE ( Shanghai) Catering Management Co.,Ltd

    Xiaofeng Yan, F6 Supershot Beverage Co. Ltd


    Linshan You, Tibet Zangguyuan Food Technology Co, Ltd.

    Bin Zhang, Halmana Beverage Inno-Lab

    Daiguang Zhang, Beijing Liujin Times Technology Co, Ltd

    Stephanie Zhang, FSJuice

    Zheng Lu, Youliao Technology (Wuxi) Co, Ltd.

    Shawn Zhong, Yunnan Kuangu Sugar Co., Ltd


    Ruodi hu , Managing Director, Sequoia Capital

    Huanghai , Principal, FREES FUND

    Chen Zhao , Managing Partner of PNP China, PLUG AND PLAY China

    Pan Pan , Managing Partner, Tiantu Capital

    Wang Daoping , Partner, China Growth Capital

    Grace Tang , Partner, Charisma Partner

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