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Here, you can touch hundreds of world-wide innovative SKUs and get inspired.
Here, you can enjoy the Top 50 food packaging designs in the world and appreciate the perfect integration of business and art.
Here, you can communicate with 4000+ big names in the industry face to face.
Here, you can experience the pop-up stores, and enjoy the charm of creative marketing.
Here, you can also explore excellent suppliers of ingredients, marketing solutions, packaging and other services in the food industry value chain altogether.

Come to our Food Show to discover the collections of global food innovations and to experience every aspect of food innovations with multisensory activities!

The FBIF 2019 - Food Show will be waiting for you in Hangzhou International Expo Center from 23rd to 25th of April, 2019!

Numerous food products and diverse innovative forms are emerging in the globe each day. Therefore, the FBIF2019 Committee specially planned FBIF2019 Food Show to upgrade the exhibition area, gather the essence of global food innovation, select global products and excellent packaging, and invite industrial leaders and you to experience the brainstorming of food innovation in various interactive forms. Food Show, with an exhibition area of 7700 square meters, will bring 10+ theme activities and 200+ exhibitors to rock you with every aspect of food innovation!

Food Show


Foodtalks is an offline salon project initiated by FBIF. During Foodtalks, we will invite experts in the food and beverage industry to share their opinions and invite you to join the discussion of all about innovation in addition to the FBIF2019 Forum. Martin, founder of PAPP'S TEA, will teach you how to DIY Kombucha which is originated in China and increasingly popular in Europe and the US; Leon Zheng, Founder&CEO of Regulatory AI Technology Co. Ltd., will share how food enterprises could survive in the severe environment where compliance risk is raised; Stacie Wan, Supply Chains and Beverages Analyst of Cooperatieve Rabobank U.A.Shanghai Branch, will share the topic that the blurring category boundaries will create a new generation of beverage enterprises; Chang Liu, Market Analyst of Innova Market Insights , will discuss with you how the food and beverage industry can take advantage of the trends to seize opportunities in Asia; Xiaoxiao Qiu, Co-founder&CEO, Hangzhou Hotidea Co., LTD, will share personal understanding and experience on how to transform design into greater commercial value; Brian Wang, Chief Brand Officer of China of Manoa Chocolate, will share the story of Manoa Chocolate and the history and processing technology of Bean to Bar chocolate; Nicolas Morelli, Craft and Specialties VP APAC North, ZX Ventures, who is also a speaker in the FBIF 2019 forum, will also give a speech in Foodtalks. More speakers are to be announced. Join us as soon as you can!

2. Big Names Face to Face

The activity Big names Face to Face will grant you opportunities to communicate with industry leaders who are hard to reach. Among the 100+ industrial speakers and judges of the FBIF2019 forum, some of them will come to this activity area and further communicate with you, answer your questions, share with you successful experience, industry trends and their insights into the market. The wonderful lineup will be unveiled at the end of March. Stay tuned!

3. FBIF2019 Forum Live Show

Selected photos and videos from FBIF2019 forums and Food Show will be broadcasted on the large screen in the Live Show area which covers 54m2

4. Aroma Lab

Aroma Lab, which is organized by the FBIF team, Firmenich and BETC, is a place full of elements of art, technology and fun. It will display a great variety of pleasant natural aromas, guiding you to appreciate the unique pictures presented by them, experience the pleasure, and inspiring you of the innovative use of aromas. Interesting activities such as blending courses and 4D movies are also waiting for your participation!

5. Hello Foods Market

The food world seems so vast while tiny, so primitive while delicate, innovative launches come forth worldwide all the time. As a third-party international platform targeting F&B industry, FBIF hopes to select the world’s most value-embedded products from the perspective of an industry insider to bring inspiration to your NPD and marketing. Hereby, the project of “Hello Foods Market” was born. Hundreds of new SKUs with novel concepts, eye-catching packaging, good tastes and marketing reputation will be collectively presented. In addition to being able to closely touch those new arrivals, you can also purchase those that you are interested in for further research on the third day of Food Show (April 25th). Global innovative foods are waiting for you at Hello Foods Market!

6. Dream Kitchen

Bread comes first, kitchen comes second. FBIF committee will crossover cooperate with the fashionable home furnishing brand OPPEIN to create a dream kitchen, in which you could taste new products offered by exhibitors and find your future partners in conversation. With numerous delicious foods and an innovative show, this Dream Kitchen will offer you a new haunting “Gourmet” experience, bring you inspirations for new products and surprise you with excellent smell and tastes!

7. Budweiser Brewery

FBIF2019 Food Show - Brewery will cooperate with Budweiser-ZX Ventures to demonstrate the world reputable craft beer brands and will lead you into a magical world with beer cultures. Here, you could taste the Budweiser's craft beer with over 10 different SKUs, such as Boxing Cat, Goose Island, Leffe and Kaiba. All of them will be available on site in this classic bar. In order to help you deepen understandings of craft beer in an interesting way, Budweiser is going to organize an exciting activity to get you involved in the beer culture with unique personal experience. Welcome to join us!

8. MA Global Food & Beverage Gallery

MA Global Food & Beverage Gallery gives emphasize on studying and displaying the world’s best F&B packaging design. It was planned by the organizing team of Marking Awards – a China initiated global F&B package design award, and in the 3 days of FBIF2019, the gallery will show 50 selected designs with their physical products which offer wonderful illustrations about balancing art and business value in F&B packaging. Welcome to join us in the FBIF2019 Food Show!

9.Fitness Studio

Physical exercising is getting popular nationwide. Statistics show that the output value of China's fitness industry will reach 200 billion yuan by 2020. Fitness Studio will offer an immersive fitness experience, which corresponds with the current explosive growth of the fitness and leisure industry in China. It will launch a series of theme activities regarding the most concerned fitness topics. With topics ranging from "how to exercise", "how to eat", to "how to wear", we will collaborate with many brands to bring you an immersive fitness experience!

10. Brand Pop-up Stores

Brand Pop-up stores always seize consumers' minds with creative marketing and distinguished consumer experience. Chacha Food, with twenty years' continuing efforts on improving nuts, will also bring a number of best-sellers to the Food Show to create a unique nut kingdom. Help yourself to the free booze. Try the strong flavor but tasty beer. No limited supply. Show me how much you can drink! What brand pop-up shops will also be in the Food Show? Come and experience yourself!

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