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Pack Talks
· 12.20 (Day 2)
From Appealing to Branding
Creative Packaging as a Gateway to the Brand Ecosystem

"Kids Rule Here!"

This children's food company makes its brand strategy, marketing and packaging design decisions entirely by its target group - children. With the imaginative children's proposal competition, the strictly selected children board of directors, and the final launch of the coolest children products, the creativity-inspired brand ecology is then "successfully activated"!

Inspirations from Outside

Sometimes the best ideas come from outside your industry.

When it comes to packaging design, some sum it up as graphic design + brand design + industrial design. Perhaps there is more than one way to see it when you are in the game. The on-lookers may see a different game and an excellent idea may come from outside your field.

How to Make Sustainable Packaging A Competitive Advantage For Your Brand?

Every Pack brief is a Sustainability brief.

- How to emerge from the green sea of sameness

- Design for your channel

- Connecting your Pack to make it a true sustainability drive

Integrate & Refurbish: How to "Re-activate" the Seemingly Dull Classic Brand?

As the times shift, the classics become dusty. To restore the brand to its former glory, we need to find the most shining part of the brand once again. KL&K Design, a professional consultant who has designed logos for more than 400 brands, shaped and renewed classic brands such as the Bank of China, Li Ning, Bama Tea, and Natural Food, will share with you how they "re-activate" the classics.

[Panel] Making Products More "Visible" - New Angle on Shelf Vision

A noisy environment requires a louder voice, while a quiet place is more suitable for artistic expression. Whether product packaging design emphasizes more on visual impact or more on brand expression may follow a similar logic.

How to understand the visual connection between products and shelves? What are the new characteristics of this connection in the new emerging "shelves" such as boutique supermarkets, chat groups and live selling broadcasters? Will the integrated co-creation of personalized channels and product design become the future trend?

Rack Your Brain When the Dividend of the Times Recedes

Chinese Sauerkraut Fish, Tan Yu, La César, Genki Sushi ...... They create fun in the ordinary times.

Why do those minded ideas that seem irregular always manage to capture the hearts of young people?

What can continue to attract young people when the dividend of the times is receding?

Let's join Pipi in the "brain-racking movement".

Pack Talks
· 12.21 (Day 3)
From Appealing to Branding
Human-centric+: From Convenient to Considerate

Can't finish your food? With a light wipe, the package is sealed; The half-eaten burrito is too difficult to pull out? Just tear along the center line, easily take it out! These are truly packaging designs that "understand you"! What is the design logic behind the more humanized functional design? Yi Zhou, an industrial design expert and jury member of the 2018 iF Design Award, who has led packaging design projects such as Starbucks Delivery and McDelivery, will present the topic.

[Case Study] How to Integrate Offline Experience Into Prepackaged Product Design?