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1. Ticketing

Q: How to buy tickets?

A: FBIF2023 tickets system: FBIF tickets system

Q: Which kind of ticket should I buy? And what activities can I participate in?



Click to view: FBIF tickets system for more discounts!

Q: Why do I need to submit my ID/passport number when purchasing tickets?

A: According to the security requirements of relevant state departments for large-scale events, when purchasing tickets, a real-name authentication will be required for every participant, and also an on-site identification process should be completed. 

Q: Can minors (under 18 years old) participate in FBIF2023?

A: NO. FBIF is exclusive for adult professionals and minors are not allowed to enter. Following this clause, FBIF Organizing Committee reserves the right to deny admittance for minors (under 18 years old) . Those minors and their guardians who have entered the venue would be warned or be told to return.

For the full version of FBIF2023 Ticket Purchase and Participation Agreement, please refer to FBIF2023 Ticket Purchase and Participation Agreement 

Q: How to invoice?

A: If you purchase tickets online, you can go to "My Invoices" on the Official Ticket Website for invoicing; if you purchase tickets offline, you can contact the corresponding sales for invoicing.

Q: What should I do after purchasing tickets?

A: After purchasing tickets, you should add the ticket holders' information online: FBIF tickets system

You are suggested to complete the ticket holders' information before 24:00 on Jun. 11, 2023.

How to add ticket holders' information? Please refer to: FBIF2023,How to Add or Change Ticket Holders?

Q: Can I transfer my tickets to others?

A: Yes. If you have neither completed an on-site sign-in nor entered the venue, you can transfer your tickets to others.

For details, see: FBIF2023, How to Give Away Tickets?

2. Sign In

Q: When and where can I sign in?


time:


Time

source: Food & Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF)

location:


Location

source: Food & Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF)

Sign-in Location: Level 1 of North Lobby east, Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center.

Q: Can I enter the venue if I lose my badge?

A: Yes. FBIF2023 admission is by ID card and faces recognition verification only, the badge is not a condition of entry.

3. Participation Guide

Q: Participation guide

A: For your better experience, we provide you with FBIF2023 Participation Guide, in which you can find information including Forum Structure, Instructions for Participation, Traffic Guide, Catering and Hospitality, and so on.