Exhibitor Guide


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1. Introduction

1.1. Key Information

Event: FBIF iFood Show

Time: Jun. 14-16, 2023 (3 days)

Venue: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Bao'an District) Hall 17 & 20

Address: No.1 Zhancheng Road, Fuhai Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong.

Organizer: Simba Events

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1.2. Schedule



Source: Food & Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF)

* Exhibitors are suggested signing in one day in advance (Jun. 13) and dismantling after 4pm on Jun. 16, 2023.

* To enter the exhibition hall,  exhibitors  need to bring ID card to get the exhibitor badge.


2. Venue Map

2.1. Venue Map (Forum & Exhibition Area)


Venue Map

Source: Food & Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF)

2.2. Exhibition Area Map


FBIF Exhibition Area Map

Source: Food & Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF)

3. Exhibitors' Rights

 * Applicable to all exhibitors

3.1. Promotional Materials

All exhibitors shall submit promotional materials by 12pm on May. 14, 2023, including the full name of the company (Chinese and English), high-definition Logo in vector graph or JPG 300K or above. 

3.2. Exhibitor Free Tickets

Exhibitors shall fill in the basic information by 12pm on Jun. 11, 2023. 

4. Standard Booths

* A standard booth is a 3*3m exhibition area where construction is undertaken by the construction supplier appointed by the organizer.

4.1. Standard Booth Furniture

One set of backdrop board(s), side panel(s), and consulting table(s) and chair(s), one set of a meeting table and 4 chairs, 4 spot lamps, one power connection, one trash bin.

4.2. Dimensions for Graphic Design

Booths with one opening: one backdrop board graph(2850mm(L)*2500mm (H)), two side panel graphs (1225mm(L)*2500mm (H)), one consulting table graph (1000mm(L)*1000mm (H));

Booths with two openings: one backdrop board graph(2950mm(L)*2500mm (H)), one side panel graph (1225mm(L)*2500mm (H)), one consulting table graph (1000mm(L)*1000mm (H)).

4.3. Submission Deadline

Exhibitors using standard booths shall submit drawings to the appointed construction supplier by email by 12pm on May. 6, 2023.

4.4. Booth Equipment for Rental

Booth equipment for rental include tables, chairs, display platforms, TV screens, freezers, refrigerators. Please refer to Application Form for Additional Booth Equipment Service (Tencent Weiyun) for more information.

5. Raw Space Booths

5.1. Recommended Service Constructors

Company Contacts Mobile
Shanghai SERVE Exhibition Co., Ltd Yoyo 13761858706
SITO (Shanghai) Messe Service Co.,Ltd. Cherry 17721074670



Yun Wang 13818441258
THINK PARK Masha 13738158642
Shenzhen  JL conference  &Exhibition Service  CO.,Ltd Tingting Xiong 15889415051
Shanghai Kongjin Culture Development Co., Ltd. Tianlong Sun 15901985164
Yoodon Exhibition Spring Xu 17717632962
Shenzhen Jiuding Exhibition Co., Ltd. Ya Luo 13006677998
Changxiu Deng 18565805280
Jiangsu Heama International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Changhua Ye 18260123582
Heshengkai Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Kai Hao 18823353625
Shenzhen Asia Pacific International Exhibition Engineering Co., Ltd. Ziyan Deng 13823230021
Shenzhen Zhenyi Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. Zhenzhen Xie 18676758862
Shanghai Qishilu Brand Planning Co., Ltd. Shang Ma 13788919139
Shanghai Yimu Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Leo Lin 13381565995
Qihong Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Weiqiang Wei 15915809990
Guangzhou Yidian Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Jianke Huang 13580594929

5.2. Documents for Construction Application

Booth visuals, construction application form, Letter of Safety Responsibility, copy of Special Operation Permit, digital receipt of deposit, etc. Please refer to Design and Construction of Raw Space Booths (Tencent Weiyun) for more information.

5.3. Maximum Height for Construction

The maximum height for booth construction is 4.4 meters.

5.4. Water/Electricity/Gas/Internet Rental

Rental services for water, electricity, gas, and Internet are available. Please refer to Application Form for Rental of Exhibition Supporting Facilities (Water/Electricity/Gas/Network) (Tencent Weiyun) for more information.

5.5. Hanging Service

Hanging service is available for booths in Hall 17 & 20.

5.6. Booth Equipment for Rental

Booth equipment for rental include tables, chairs, display platforms, TV screens, freezers and refrigerators. Please refer to Application Form for Additional Booth Equipment Service (Tencent Weiyun) for more information.

5.7. Construction Application Deadline

Construction application for raw space booths shall be completed by 12pm on May. 6, 2023.

Note: Please refer to FBIF2023 Exhibitor Manual or contact Maggie (18939956478) for more information.

6. Freight Service

6.1 Delivery to Warehouse of On-premises Transport Service Provider

Packaging Mark (Tencent Weiyun) must be filled in and displayed on the exterior of packaging boxes, and must contact the person in charge Ma Zhiyong (+86 13632516511) in advance.Exhibition products shall be delivered to the warehouse of on-premises transport service provider between 09:00 and 17:00 on June 5 and 11. The transport service provider will deliver products to the intended booth during the set-up period.

Charge standard: RMB 200 per cubic meter (minimum charge RMB 400 per ticket), 30% additional fee will be charged for exhibits arriving at the warehouse beyond the deadline.

6.2 Unloading Service at the Exhibition Unloading Area of the Venue

Vehicles for transporting exhibits must arrive at the exhibition unloading area of the venue between 09:00 and 17:00 on June 14 and 16, and must contact the person in charge Ma Zhiyong (+86 13632516511) in advance.

Charge standard: RMB 180 per cubic meter (minimum charge RMB 180 per ticket)

Note: Please refer to Exhibit Transportation (Tencent Weiyun) for exhibition products for more information about postage, empty box storage, etc.

7. More Services

If you have any questions about Shenzhen's control and prevention policies of COVID-19, the hotel reservation method, transportation and dining information, please refer to Participation Guide.

8. Exhibitor Manual


Scan the QR code above to read Exhibitor Manual for standard booths


Scan the QR code above to read Exhibitor Manual for raw space booths