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Food & Beverage Innovation Forum

Food and Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF) has become one of the most influential food-industry events in the Asia-Pacific region. FBIF, founded in 2014 by Simba Events, is dedicated to sharing global successful business cases and concepts and technologies that are endowed with innovative concepts and thus help the industry leaders gain insights about future trends and promote the development of food and beverage industry. FBIF has been held successfully for 8 times, and it has attracted quite a few global top 100 enterprises of food and beverage industry. Themed on "Re-Imagine", the FBIF2023 will take place on Jun. 14-16, 2023 in Shenzhen.

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FBIF iFood Show as a concurrent exhibition of FBIF (Food and Beverage Innovation Forum), focuses on innovation and aims to provide F&B companies with a professional display and communication platform, complementing the forum and jointly promoting the industry development.

In 2023, the exhibition area of FBIF will expand to 62000 square meters, with an estimated 900+ exhibitors. As of May 21, 2023, more than 800 exhibitors have booked booths, including 215 brands (wine, snack food, convenience food, beverage, plant-based food, dairy products), and 800+ suppliers (320+ food ingredients & OEM, 150+ packaging & equipment, and 80+ marketing & design). In addition, there are seven special event exclusively planned by the organizers throughout the exhibition journey.





FBIF Wow Food Awards

Product · Packaging · Marketing

FBIF Wow Food Awards is a global, comprehensive food innovation award dedicated to recognizing excellent innovations in different sections of the food and beverage industry, including product R&D, packaging design and marketing.No matter you are brand owners, marketing agencies or design companies, we welcome entries from all over the world! After careful review and evaluation by top experts and super consumers in the industry basing on multiple dimensions, the most innovative entries in the industry will be selected and shown to the world! 

We always believe that unlimited possibilities for innovation exist in food and beverage industry, which is exactly what Wow Food is committed to explore! Let the world say Wow to your work!

Formed by the merger of Wow Food Awards and Marking Awards

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In a volatile market, how to make "correct decisions" depends on entrepreneurs' strategic insights and commercial wisdom. SONO CEO CLUB aims to empower entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable business which contributes to food and beverage industry. By integrating resources and experience accumulated over the years, SONO CEO CLUB is determined to establish an equal knowledge-sharing platform to help practitioners gain management knowledge. Here, members will communicate with top think tanks and learn from industry leaders.

Nowadays, enterprises are facing huge external impacts such as deglobalization and carbon neutrality. Meanwhile, emerging technologies and the new generation of employees also bring new internal changes. The six topics focus on the important challenges faced by the development of enterprises, aiming to provide leaders with forward-looking insights. And SONO will continue to add essential topics to support the industry development through knowledge sharing.



Foodtalks Salon is a salon incubated by FBIF, which includes both online and offline salons. The offline Foodtalks salon started in October 2018. Compared with Food and Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF), it is shorter, flatter, and faster, with themes covering product innovation, marketing, packaging design and other aspects. Its form and attributes of free communication are unanimously praised by professionals in food and beverage industry.



The business scope of Best Consultant covers four major areas: training, qualitative evaluation, consulting reports, and brand projects. The assembly of advisors is from FBIF. They are the speakers of FBIF Forum, executives from global top 100 food companies, the respected experts in a certain field.

Best Consultant promotes the implementation of cutting-edge innovations!



FBIF WeChat Official Account

ID: FoodInnovation

FBIF WeChat Official Account (ID: FoodInnovation), positioned as a "deep & innovative" new media with a focus on the food and beverage industry, devotes to pushing forward China's food industry by analyzing and sharing global innovation cases.

By February 2023, the number of fans of the FBIF subscription number has exceeded 450000, and its influence is gradually expanding, becoming one of the most popular new media in the food industry. Since the official operation of the FBIF subscription number, more than 1800 original articles have been published, with a maximum reading of 100000+times per article, and a total reading of more than 30 million across the platform.



FoodTalks Short video account

FoodTalks series is the short video account matrix built and operated by Simba Events. Launched on November 10, 2021, “FoodPack-FoodTalks" is our first media account officially put into operation. “FoodPack-FoodTalks" is dedicated to exploring and sharing fashionable and well-selling food & beverage packaging cases from all over the world, bringing inspiration and insight to food & beverage industry.



FoodTalks News (www.foodtalks.cn) is a platform for contents service and resources exchange in the food industry. It was officially launched in December, 2019. The website covers a variety of contents, including time-sensitive news, innovative information releases, in-depth discussion columns, supply and demand information, companies, and various activities. We are committed to providing valuable information services to food industry practitioners through media reports and resource integration to help the development of the industry!

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Simba Events

Founded in Shanghai in 2013, Simba Events is an event and new media company focusing on Food & Beverage industry. Simba started its business as a forum organizer and now it covers forums, exhibitions, awards, new media, Internet platforms and other sections. Simba believes the value of the forum lies in sparking ideas, inspiring innovations and promoting the development of the industry.

Our Mission

Promote the development of the Food & Beverage industry.

Our Vision

Become a platform for supporting startups and driving innovation of world food industry.