Felix Yiyi Chen
Food & Money
Vice President & Head of Strategy and Investment Management
Mengniu Group

Mr. CHEN graduated from Fudan University with a bachelor’s degree in law. He is currently the vice president of Mengniu Group and is responsible for the corporate strategy and investment management, as well as a member of board of directors of Modern Farming. Mr. CHEN has worked for several renowned transnational corporations in his successful 27-year career. He has held senior management positions in strategic mergers and acquisitions, commerce and marketing, as well as comprehensive business operations, etc. With rich experience in FMCG business operation, strategic planning and management, corporate mergers and acquisitions, as well as business integration, he can provide in-depth industry insights from a broad international perspective.

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Food & Money
 · 06/16 (Day 3)
Start Up, Stand Out
CC201A - Hall 18 2nd Floor
To the Future
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