Jean Zhao
Ingredient Talks
Marketing Director
Bloomage Biotech

Jean Zhao graduated from Jiangnan University majoring in fermentation engineering. She is currently the Marketing Director of the Food Raw Materials Division of Bloomage Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Jean has been engaged in product management and marketing for a long time. Nearly ten years of market experience have enabled her to have a keen market sense and product thinking. So far, she has led the team to successfully launch a number of new products. Combining product features and functions, she provides innovative product solutions for many well-known health and nutrition brands at home and abroad.

Event Introduction
Ingredient Talks
 · 06/15 (Day 2)
Explore The Next Star Ingredient
CC201B - Hall 18 2nd Floor
Hot Functional Trends
GABA and HA Are Quietly Working on It and Then Surprising Everyone

GABA and HA are our old friends, but this year we found that they have quietly upgraded themselves.

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