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Asia Chimian company, a brand project innovation, creation, research and design company, is incorporated in the new era for new demands and is dedicated to the insight into the younger generation consumers. By combining scientific management with commercial project design and organization, the company has in the past eight years accumulated, for consulting services, over 200 top commercial brands covering food, drink, recreation and entertainment services, created for client brands over 5000 celeb outlets, and won the nickname of "Cyber Celebrity Machine". Representative cases: Tai Er Chinese Sauerkraut Fish, Noonoodles, Tan Yu Fish Lab, Panda Chafing Dish, Wu Wei Noodles, Chi He Wan Le Party Club. Asia Chimian company builds project brands for the new population of young cyber celebrities in new business modes and in new cities. Being user-centric and making clients more valuable, the company aims to become a brand consultation and organization institution that partners with clients to create multifaceted and multi-type food, drink, recreation and entertainment consumer brands and projects, combines the advantages in cultural and creative industry, and interconnects businesses and creations for the new urban populations.

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Pack Talks
 · 06/16 (Day 3)
From Appealing to Branding
CC101 - Hall 18 1st Floor
Experience Maker | This Effect Exactly! But How?
[Workshop] FFOODD Packaging Makeover Challenge!

Have you been struggling to come up with a fresh new look for your product? Are you looking for direction on how to revamp your packaging? Become a part of the "Food and Beverage Packaging Makeover Challenge"! 

We will invite 20 brands to provide their products for participants to taste and transform creatively. Under the guidance of Pipi, you'll observe the product, add or subtract elements, and design your own label, ultimately resulting in a packaging that is more appealing to consumers. Brands that participate will have the opportunity to network with other brands and designers to evaluate and enhance their packaging. It's amazing what can be accomplished when the customer is at the core of the design process! 

* We only have a limited number of seats available, so contact FBIF staff TODAY to reserve your spot!

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