Dr. Lynn Zhao
Ingredient Talks
R&D Director, Adult & Pet Nutrition & Care China
H&H Group

Dr. Lynn Zhao is ANC and PNC China R&D Director of H&H group, leading Swisse, Solidgold and Zesty Paws China products R&D innovation in all channels. With almost twenty years of scientific research and development experience, she specializes in natural products development, medicinal chemistry and nutritional science.

She held a doctoral degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from School of Pharmacy, Fudan University, then started her career in nutritional health area, committed to combining TCM and natural product research with cutting-edge technologies in life science, to develop breakthrough premium proven products. She has in-depth experience on raw ingredients and products development on nutrients supplement, beauty from within, gastric intestinal health and immunity, cardiovascular and metabolic health, botanical products etc, and has led successful development and launch of various nutritional products.

Event Introduction
Ingredient Talks
 · 06/15 (Day 2)
Explore The Next Star Ingredient
CC201B - Hall 18 2nd Floor
Hot Functional Trends
[Case Study Conversation] From Insight to Practice, Product Theory under the "Big Health" Boom

With the big health boom, both Western supplements and Chinese tonic are catching the fast train. PQQ, NAD+, Coenzyme Q10 are getting enthusiastic attention; Xinhui Tangerine Peel is exploding on the online e-commerce ...... Today we are discussing the Chinese and Western product methodology under the big health boom!

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