Rose Bao
Quality Director
Carlsberg China

Rose Bao, who worked more than 14 years in Carlsberg China, is now the quality director, focusing on the alcohol beverage innovation, and technical and quality management. She is graduated from Jiangnan University as master degree of Biochemical, got qualified international brew master by Versuchs-und Lehranstalt fÜr Brauerei in Berlin (VLB). She is a committee member of the Beer Technical Committee and Standard Committee of CADA.

She is also a qualified advanced beer sensory master to attend Beer Award as a judger many times.

China's beer industry has experienced through the growth, rapid growth, and has reached a saturation period at the present. It is quietly changing from quantity to quality. New growth for the beer industry would be drive-by faster innovation, more health, and higher quality.

Event Introduction
 · 06/16 (Day 3)
Keep Alcohol Engaging
Media Center (North) - Level 2 of North Lobby west
New Youth Drinking
Product Innovation of Beer Giants: Global + Local

In recent years, Carlsberg has introduced a great number of new products in China, including Wind Flower Snow Moon with a typical Chinese style, Grimbergen Belgian Pale Ale, Brooklyn Defender IPA, etc.

It is Carlsberg's localized insights and globalized technical support behind these innovations. How do Carlsberg's global and local R&D teams work together?

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