Zicheng Liao
Pack Talks

Graphic Designer, Art Director. Born in Shenzhen in 1990, graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2013. Zicheng Liao joined United Design Lab (UDL) in 2014 and founded UDL Shenzhen in 2018 Now he as a partner of UDL, art director and head of UDL Shenzhen, he is also a member of the Shenzhen Graphic Design Association.

Focuses on orthodox and professional design work, Zicheng Liao specializes in visual communication-related work in branding, exhibitions, events publications, etc. He insists on maintaining a multidisciplinary and cross-cultural vision to provide design and innovation services to cultural and commercial clients who believe in the value of design. His works have been awarded the Tokyo TDC Annual Award, HKDA Global Design Award. GDC Award, Award 360 Annual Design Award, China International Poster Biennale, etc.

Event Introduction
Pack Talks
 · 06/16 (Day 3)
From Appealing to Branding
CC101 - Hall 18 1st Floor
Brands’ Design Literacy | Ideation
[Panel Discussion] The Change Ongoing: China's Branding Design in Future

Amidst a century of transformation, Chinese domestic brands are gradually maturing and developing their unique design styles. Particularly in the food and beverage category closely tied to people's livelihood, an increasing number of brands are paying attention to the individual dietary needs of the Chinese population and incorporating innovative designs that align with Chinese culture and consumer habits into their branding and packaging. In the future, what will Chinese brand designs that evoke a sense of "affinity," while also being "stylish," and exuding a "branded feel" look like?

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