Ke Xu
Snack & Baking

Ke Xu is the founder of the MIGI COCO brand. Become an independent designer after graduating from the industrial design major; He worked in Bestbuy China and Hikvision for 8 years, focusing on retail channel management and industry market operations. Later, using the professional perspective of design and experience in the retail industry, he began to start a continuous business, focusing on the field of catering and food, and jointly founded a number of catering brands. In 2018, MIGI COCO was founded to deepen the healthy baking track, aiming to provide consumers with healthier baked goods that are more suitable for the tastes of the Chinese people. In 2019, MIGI COCO put forward the concept of "quitting sugar and not quitting sweetness", becoming the first baking brand in the whole network to position all categories in the sugar reduction plan; In 2020, the vegan series of baking was launched, aiming to promote the concept of low-carbon baking and focus on more vegetarian demanders in the baking field. MIGI COCO will continue to explore more healthy baking possibilities in the future and strive to become a warm and healthy baking brand.

Event Introduction
Snack & Baking
 · 06/16 (Day 3)
Make Snack Delicious And Fun
CC204 - Hall 18 2nd Floor
Ingredients and Products
[Panel Discussion] Yummy and Guilt-free

Increasingly occupied by the concept of Yang Sheng (life nourishment), modern consumers have mixed feelings for baked foods. Where is the point of balance between good taste and healthiness? How to develop products that satisfy cravings without causing a guilty feeling?

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