Tian Zhou
Beer Matters

Tian graduated from Bowdoin College (US) and Waseda University (Japan). He was the first brand manager at DJI and later joined WeWork to head its brand marketing team in China. In 2020, Tian founded Beer Matters, China's leading community platform connecting beer lovers with brewing companies, microbreweries and service providers.

Event Introduction
 · 06/16 (Day 3)
Keep Alcohol Engaging
Media Center (North) - Level 2 of North Lobby west
New Youth Drinking
Beer Version of CHATGPT: Can AI Ensoul Beer?

Tian, the talkative founder of Beer Matters, is here with the beer version of ChatGPT!

1. Who is more talkative, Tian or the beer version of ChatGPT?

2. What effect will AI have on craft beer innovation?

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