Lianhui Zhang
Snack & Baking
Director of Grain Research & Development Center
COFCO Nutrition & Health Research Institute

Lianhui Zhang, Ph.D., is a Senior Engineer and the Director of Grain Research and Development Center, at COFCO Nutrition and Health Research Institute. Previously she served in Sanyuan Group and DuPont China. She specializes in research and development of grain, grain products, and plant protein, provides comprehensive solutions for customers and supports innovative studies in emergency food and functional food. Over the past 10 years, as the project manager and project leader, Dr. Zhang has presided over more than 10 key projects funded by COFCO and the China National Key R&D Program, which have created an economic value of nearly 100 million RMB. She has gained many awards for her scientific achievements, including Beijing Science and Technology Award, China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Innovation Achievement Award, and Science and Technology Award of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association Award.

Event Introduction
Snack & Baking
 · 06/16 (Day 3)
Make Snack Delicious And Fun
CC204 - Hall 18 2nd Floor
Ingredients and Products
[Panel Discussion] Yummy and Guilt-free

Increasingly occupied by the concept of Yang Sheng (life nourishment), modern consumers have mixed feelings for baked foods. Where is the point of balance between good taste and healthiness? How to develop products that satisfy cravings without causing a guilty feeling?

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