Mark Wu
Channel & Supply Chain
New Joy Mart

Mark Wu, the founder of “New Joy Mart”, he has 17 years of Entrepreneurial experience in retail. In 2007, he transferred from a laboratory doctor to the retail industry and founded Jiayi Chain Supermarket- the prototype of New Joy Mart. In 2012, he established the chain brand "New Joy Mart", focusing on the brand development of urban convenience stores for a long time. Up to now, there are over 1000 New Joy Mart stores distributed in Hunan and Jiangxi.

In adhering to long-term value goals, he strives to make life warmer, make franchisees' lives better, and create more efficient social value, he will create the most valuable franchise brand for China's convenience stores.


Event Introduction
Channel & Supply Chain
 · 06/15 (Day 2)
Laying A Solid Groundwork
CC207 - Hall 18 2nd Floor
Channel Evolution
The Operation Way of Multi-potential Convenience Stores

Meiyijia, NewJoy, Today, Fook, and more community convenience store brands have gained fast growth in recent years. What are the next steps in products, supply chain, store operation, organization, and digitalization after gaining scale?

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