Harjan Kuiper
Plenary Session
Chief Executive Officer
Rabobank China

Based in Shanghai, Harjan Kuiper is responsible for the overall management of Rabobank Shanghai branch. Prior to this, he worked from 2018 as CEO of Rabobank Singapore Branch. He is further member of Rabobank's Asia Management Committee, as well as Sustainability Ambassador for Rabobank Asia.

Harjan has close to 25 years of banking and finance experience most notably in investment and portfolio management, markets and trade finance.

He started his career with Rabobank in London, and subsequently took on various key management positions in Dublin, Utrecht and New York including the Head of Markets North America at Rabobank New York and the Chief Executive Officer of Rabo Securities USA, Inc.

Harjan Kuiper holds an MBA from Stern School of Economics from New York University and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering of the University of Technology in Delft, the Netherlands.


Event Introduction
Plenary Session
 · 06/14 (Day 1)
North Ballroom - Hall 18 1st Floor
A Time of Resilience
[Chief Talk] Black and White Thinking Under Uncertainty and Sustainable Future

After three years of shocks and challenges, uncertainty may become one of the core keywords for many years to come. Consumers tend to be rational, global energy crisis and rising raw material prices, rising hyperinflation and sustainability will all affect the strategic decisions of companies. How do we find a green, resilient and sustainable direction in the midst of chaos?

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