Zw Tan
Channel & Supply Chain

Zw Tan, a partner of WJCXVC, has 10 years of experience in food and beverage and consumer investments. He has participated in the investment of more than 20 commercial chains, and has systematic knowledge and entrepreneurial experience in chain operation, helping chain enterprises grow from one store to 1,000 stores. Mr. Tan has invested in brands such as GOOD ME, outllèt, XiaoHongDao, SNACK POD, and BEST SNACK, among others.


Event Introduction
Channel & Supply Chain
 · 06/15 (Day 2)
Laying A Solid Groundwork
CC207 - Hall 18 2nd Floor
Merchandise and Operations
The Evolution of Discount Retail And New Opportunities of Private Brands

In recent years, the discount retail, mainly consists of the snack chain retail, has won the favor of consumers and the attention of venture capital. What is the current stage of discount retail? What are the opportunities and future of building private brands?

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