Jianguo Wu
Dairy Talks

He used to be the General Manager of the Cold Beverage Division of the Yili Group, General Manager of the Meat Products Department of the CofCO Group, President of Changchun Haomonth Group and Vice President of Innovation of Huabao Shares. During his tenure, Yili realized the expansion from the regional market to the national market, and created the 1+1 channel model, the Chocolate and ice factory, and the lean production traffic light management model of multiple factory clusters.

Through product creative research and development, equipment research and development, market planning, channel innovation of the whole industry links. He pays attention to the research of consumers, especially the physiological characteristics of human taste, smell and vision, the oral sensation of food, and the absorption of nutrition in the stomach and intestines. He also has in-depth research on the consumption scene and emotional needs of consumers.

He also has the research and development of raw materials, equipment and technology, and innovative channels, innovative consumption scenes and innovative product promotion mode. During his tenure at CofCO, he successfully introduced Western-style meat products to the Chinese market through technology and marketing, and made breakthroughs in the brands of Wanweike and Jiajiakang. Based on years of market observation and repeated research,

He found that Western cheese products are not suitable for Chinese taste, which requires technical development and transformation. At the same time, the market is short of cheese cleaning label products, good prospects, high threshold, and large demand.

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Dairy Talks
 · 06/15 (Day 2)
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North Ballroom B - Hall 18 1st Floor
Cheese Power
Another Definition of Cheese - Cheese Plus

What is cheese Plus? Besides being a small piece of milk flavored food, cheese is full of unlimited possibilities 

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