Zhengren He
Food & Money
Founder and COO
a1 Snack Lab

Zhengren He,graduated from Xiamen University,successively held sales management positions in top 5 global pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson Group and Roche Pharmaceuticals. Currently co-founder and Group Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a1 Snack Lab, responsible for company sales management and daily affairs management.

a1 ® Snack LAB was established in 2016, with the original intention of "being born for family", to make safe food that dares to give and is willing to give to family members. At present, it has grown into a highly regarded food unicorn enterprise driven by products.

Event Introduction
Food & Money
 · 06/15 (Day 2)
Start Up, Stand Out
CC201A - Hall 18 2nd Floor
Make Investment Worthy
How Do Start-up Spread Channels?

In recent years, many start-ups rely on online single channels to rise, but with the high cost of traffic and the fading of dividends, they are easy to fall into the dilemma of "developed online, developed in capital, limited to offline, endangered in street battles". Consumers' shopping scene is diverse. Chinese food enterprises have experienced the traditional deep distribution period, the e-commerce traffic battle period, and the diversified integration of online and offline channels. How does a1 Snack Lab think and practice holistically?

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