Cunchao Zhao
Dairy Talks
Founder of Landong
R&D Director of Kunming Biological Manufacturing Research Institute

Cunchao Zhao, a postgraduate student, who majored in food science, now works in the food science and technology academy of Yunnan Agricultural University (YAU). He also serves as the research and development director of Kunming Biological Manufacturing Research Institute Co., Ltd., mainly engages in the research and development of functional products with food medicine homologous resources and animals and plants dairy products. He has developed over 80 functional products, including the Landong raspberry cheese, walnut plant-based coated cheese, walnut plant-based milk powder, plant-based ordinary temperature yogurt, balanced walnut protein yogurt, walnut soy sauce, Leaves of moringa, Pu'er tea, Kunshengyuan female beauty tea, the stems and leaves of Sanqi, and more than 40 of which have gone public and sold. He hosted and participated in over 10 projects, and has published more than 50 academic papers in academic journals, such as food science and modern food science and technology. He has applied for over 40 national invention patents and practical utility model patents, and also authorized patents and software works for about 20 terms.

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Dairy Talks
 · 06/16 (Day 3)
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Whole Family Nutrition
The Path of the Stretchy Yogurt

Have you ever had a yogurt that stretches?  There is a unique taste and texture of this yogurt, as well as a unique recipe and technology.

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