Mona Wang
Founder & CEO

Mona Wang, Founder of SAVOREAST CULTURE MEDIA, WSET-certified taster, and Seasoned Baijiu expert.

In 2020, Mona started to create contents on social media to share knowledge of Baijiu with the aim of promoting this unique culture. Since then, with the slowly building up influence, Mona established cooperations with a lot of famous Baijiu companies.

In 2022, Mona founded a company called SavorEast with the same goal. What’s more, she hopes to better introduce Oriental beverages to consumers through visual means.

The Mona IP can be seen not only on social platforms like Douyin, Bilibili, and WeChat Channels but also in offline tasting events. Mona established SavorEast with the ambition to make it a professional Baijiu media specializing in video content.

Event Introduction
 · 06/15 (Day 2)
Keep Alcohol Engaging
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