Hongjung Kwon
Pack Talks
Head of Visual Design
Nestlé Zone GC

Hong dreamed of being a designer since she was 5, a bit single-minded person.

HongJung Kwon is currently Head of Visual Design at Nestle Zone GC.

Hong is responsible for visual design, from brand visuals to package design, in Nestle ZGC portfolio. Hong works with internal and external teams to build Nestle as a more loved brand. Hong inspires her team through the power of design and the reason for the procedure. Therefore each of us can fully leverage the design to make better life.

Hong truly believes in the power of ‘Design,’ we all deserve the blessing through good design.

Before joining Nestle, Hong mostly worked for the cosmetic industry and lifestyle goods and opened exhibitions as an independent designer.

Hong studied ceramic craft and product design and used to work for different design categories, from design strategy to production and delivery, with the belief that a good designer should be able to work for everything. She spent her passion in Korea, Finland, Indonesia, and China.

She is a storyteller and photographer, ambitious to be a divemaster and winning squash player.

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Pack Talks
 · 06/16 (Day 3)
From Appealing to Branding
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