Lu Chen
Food & Money
Senior Partner
Wenrun Investment

Ms. Chen Lu is a senior partner at Wenrun Capital, a RMB 15bn AUM private equity fund associated with Wens Food Group, which focuses on private equity investment in technology, consumption, and healthcare industry. She leads the agriculture and food investment team with over RMB 2bn AUM investment projects, and is a member of the consumption sector investment committee.

Ms. Chen Lu has master degrees from Peking University and Hong Kong University, and has extensive experience in food and agriculture, having previously worked as a trader at international commodity merchant Louis Dreyfus and a senior researcher at Zhongtai Securities’. She has been awarded honors such as "Rong Zhong Best Female Investor of 2022" and "China's Outstanding Innovative Individual in Equity Investment of 2021".

Event Introduction
Food & Money
 · 06/15 (Day 2)
Start Up, Stand Out
CC201A - Hall 18 2nd Floor
Make Investment Worthy
The Hare and the Tortoise: Industrial Investment

What are the advantages and disadvantages of food companies with industry support making investment compared to traditional investment institutions?

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