Yang Lu
Snack & Baking
Vice General Manager

Yang Lu, Vice General Manager of Beijing Allied Faxi Food Co., Ltd.

He has served as Vice General Manager of Beijing Allied Faxi Food Co., Ltd since April 2023, responsible for key accounts and e-commerce business of the company as well as for product innovation and business expansion.

He used to be the director of Technology Center of Beijing Sanyuan Foods Co., Ltd. He has nearly 18 years of experience in dairy research and management, especially has successfully organized the research and development of dozens of new products such as Sanyuan Jizhi Extended Shelf Life milk and Mozzarella cheese.

He has organized and participated in the application of science and technology support plans of the national "Tenth Five-Year Plan", "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" and "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" as well as writing "Dairy Science and Technology" and " Processing Quality Control of Liquid Milk". He has participated in the application of 14 national invention patents and published nearly 20 articles in domestic core journals and professional magazines. He also has won nearly 20 awards from provincial and ministerial associations and Beijing Capital Agribusiness & Foods Group.

He used to be the General Manager of Experience Marketing Department of Beijing Sanyuan Foods Co., Ltd. During his tenure, he designed the VIP deep Experience course development program, such as baking, milk tea, etc. He also gave teenagers courses such as dairy culture, dairy product classification, etc. He organized online-visits and the production of short videos on Douyin. With his efforts, the company successfully applied for Beijing Patriotism Education Base, Beijing Cultural Tourism Experience Base, etc.

He used to be the vice general manager of Liquid Milk Business Division of Beijing Sanyuan Foods Co., Ltd and the chief leader of Sunyuan Yitangping Project, responsible for the overall operation of Sunyuan Yitangping project and for the coordination of the development across business divisions, production department and other related departments. He also takes on important tasks of exploring the successful model of functional dairy products.

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Snack & Baking
 · 06/15 (Day 2)
Make Snack Delicious And Fun
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[Panel Discussion] The Boiling Market of Frozen Confections

The frozen confections market has seemingly never cooled.

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