Xinyi Huang
Pack Talks
Brand and Product Packaging Design Manager
China Resources Snow Breweries

Xinyi Huang graduated from the University of Melbourne majored in Architecture and was formerly an independent musician. Since joining CR Snow in 2020, she has held multiple positions in product innovation, packaging design, and brand management

Xinyi was responsible for developing the 2021 superX "Street Dance" beer packaging and release the first AI-designed beer packaging design in China superX "X-Code" series in 2022, which received widespread praise from the industry. She also created the Snow Beer Innovation Engine and collaborated with young artists and Gen-Z consumers to complete over 100 packaging design.

Event Introduction
Pack Talks
 · 06/15 (Day 2)
From Appealing to Branding
CC101 - Hall 18 1st Floor
Creative Boost | Strike with AI
Snow Beer: Striking with AI - Formidable Rival or Formidable Add-on?

"Can human discern the difference in packaging designs crafted by AI?" SuperX, the intrepid trailblazer, recently introduced a collaborative venture between humans and AI, unveiling custom-designed cans and initiating a "Turing Test." The results astoundingly revealed that AI-generated packaging can seamlessly deceive discerning consumers. With boundless potential on the horizon, the question for brands arises: Is AI an adversary to be reckoned with or a powerful add-on?

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