Food & Money
New Cannery

MaHoo is a co-founder of the new cannery and a senior photographer who has sold computers, fire extinguishers, made smart homes, and done wall paintings. He has also started two unsuccessful photography companies. Despite these setbacks, he has persisted in his passion for photography and has documented over 1,000 sessions. He has served more than 500 brands including Tmall, Luckin Coffee, Chi Forest, and FILA. During his career, he created "Food Ingredients Chongqing," which attracted millions of viewers and won the Bourne Cup Creative Photographer Award. In the five years since its establishment, MaHoo and the new cannery have increased their business from 600,000 to 20 million in revenue.

Event Introduction
Food & Money
 · 06/16 (Day 3)
Start Up, Stand Out
CC201A - Hall 18 2nd Floor
To the Future
[Panel Discussion] Digital World: Consumption Outlook

What do AIGC technologies and applications have in store for us? How will they change the way we perceive the world?

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