Fang Cui
Hello, Super Foods!
Head of Reserch Institute of Food,Agricultural and Health Products
Centre Testing International Group Co., Ltd.

Ph.D., Senior engineer. Dr.Cui is the member of the Chinese Nutrition Society and the member of the CSTM/FC98-TC05 Technical Committee for Perceptual Analysis Standardization. As the head of Research Institute of Food,Agricultural and Health Products,Dr.Cui is responsible for the development of new projects in nutrition and health, sensory and consumer research, scientific research project management, standard formulation and revision,etc. Dr.Cui is well experienced in the trends of food research and development, evaluation of nutrition and function, consumer research and other food related fields. She is also familiar with key risk control points and food safety management systems in various food production. She has participated in the formulation and revision of three national standards, published more than 10 papers, participated in the editing of three monographs, and granted three patents. Dr. Cui was awarded the Second Prize in Science and Technology in Beijing in 2005.

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Hello, Super Foods!
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