Liu Xiaoting
Hello, Super Foods!
Co-founder Of The Brand

Liu Xiaoting, Co-founder of Caonianyinli Yangyangshui, is currently the sales director and Certified Public Accountant of Shandong Yishu Food Technology Co. , Ltd. . She has nearly 12 years of financial sales management experience, she has worked in the Inspur, Coca-cola and other world-famous enterprises, currently focusing on the brand building, national sales and marketing of Yangyangshui. In 2019, she took part in and led the research and development of aquaculture laboratory, and presided over the multi-phase clinical trials of aquaculture, in December 2022, the function and taste of the unity of the“Caonianyinli Yangyangshui” to create a successful listing, won praise from the industry, successfully seize the same drug and food great health market, become the leading brand of health-water race track.

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Hello, Super Foods!
 · 06/15 (Day 2)
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