Gangqiang Ding
Plenary Session
Institute for Nutrition and Health, China CDC

Gangqiang Ding, chief physician, Doctor of Medicine, Doctoral Advisor. the Director and Party Committee secretary of National Institute for Nutrition and Health, China CDC, Vice President of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology, Member of the National Expert Committee on Healthy Diet Initiative, Member of 4th National Food and Nutrition Advisory Committee, Director of National Nutrition and Health Expert Committee.

Chairman of Nutrition Standard Sub-Committee of Health Standard Committee of National Health Commission, Vice-chairman of the Professional Committee on Nutrition and Special Dietary Food of the 2nd National Food Safety Standards Review Committee.

Event Introduction
Plenary Session
 · 06/14 (Day 1)
North Ballroom - Hall 18 1st Floor
Global Trends Insight
The New Plant-Based Time: Looking Back, Seeing the Future

Since 2018, the concept of plant-based has taken root in the industry as a new way of eating. With the global ESG boom, plant-based has also played a significant role in the sustainable development of the earth. In this "plant revolution", it wants to promote the consumer upgrade in the quality of excellence.

- In the past few years, what value has plant-based, which emphasizes Good For Earth, Good For People, brought to the world?

- The new plant-based rise, not to be a substitute for anyone, how it "do it yourself" in the industry?

- Under the competition of a thousand sails and a hundred boats, how many possibilities are there for the future of plant-based?

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