Xinzhong Hu
Plenary Session
College of Food Engineering and Nutritional Science, Shaanxi Normal University

Event Introduction
Plenary Session
 · 06/14 (Day 1)
North Ballroom - Hall 18 1st Floor
Global Trends Insight
The New Plant-Based Time: Looking Back, Seeing the Future

Since 2018, the concept of plant-based has taken root in the industry as a new way of eating. With the global ESG boom, plant-based has also played a significant role in the sustainable development of the earth. In this "plant revolution", it wants to promote the consumer upgrade in the quality of excellence.

- In the past few years, what value has plant-based, which emphasizes Good For Earth, Good For People, brought to the world?

- The new plant-based rise, not to be a substitute for anyone, how it "do it yourself" in the industry?

- Under the competition of a thousand sails and a hundred boats, how many possibilities are there for the future of plant-based?

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