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Keep Alcohol Engaging
*All the "young people", "youth", and similar expressions mentioned in the agenda refer to consumers of legal drinking age (LDA) according to local laws and regulations.
4.2H - Silk Road Hall
Sipping Across Borders
Address from Chair

Sipping Across Borders: Strolling Through the Global Alcohol Markets

[Inspiring Talk] How Did the Negroni, Which Has Been Popular for More Than 100 Years, Find New Inspiration in China?

In 2023, the groundbreaking collaboration between Wuliangye and Campari gave birth to a novel cocktail named "Wugroni." This innovative concoction not only pays homage to Negroni's enduring popularity but also opens up fresh avenues for the cross-cultural exchange and mutual admiration between East and West. What unique perspectives and considerations guided Campari in embarking on this inspiring journey of collaboration?


Decode the Trends of Imported Liquor Consumption: Downgrading Consumption, Upgrading Demand

To what extent can past experiences remain effective when facing the transforming and distinctive Chinese market? What insights does the development of imported wine offer for the diversification of Chinese liquor?

Chinese Liquor in Wonderland

From the ancient Chinese Baijiu with its long-standing heritage to the youthful emergence of Meijian, a new contender in the market, the diverse styles of Chinese liquor are making their mark in foreign lands. Whether it's the trendy bars of London or the bustling metropolises of America, Chinese liquor is finding its place and exploring new identities abroad. This journey goes beyond mere commerce; it's a celebration of cultural fusion.

In this age of new exploration, the question arises: how can Chinese liquor expand into broader overseas markets? How can it resonate with and win the hearts of local communities abroad? These are the challenges and opportunities awaiting us as we navigate through the intricacies of global trade and cultural exchange. Let's raise our glasses and toast to the future of Chinese liquor on the world stage!

[Innovation] Spotlight Endless West: Brewing Beyond Boundaries!

Endless West boldly pioneers molecular brewing in the world of spirits: imagine a process where computers, not barrels, orchestrate the creation of your favorite tipples! By pinpointing and extracting key flavor molecules from nature's bounty—think plants, fruits, and yeast—Endless West crafts libations that tantalize the taste buds like never before.

But hold your glasses, because here's the twist: drinking isn't just about downing drinks. In an industry that thrives on cultural richness, ambiance, and ceremony, how far can Endless West venture into elevating the art of imbibing? Let the adventure begin! 


(Source: instagram@endlesswest)

Lunch & Food Show Tour
Reconstruction of People, Product & Place
A Diverse New Interpretation of Alcohol Consumption

From the perspective of the product itself, alcohol might be one of the least innovative categories. In fact, its unchanging nature could be considered a "virtue" of alcohol. However, different generations of consumers have vastly different understandings of alcohol, especially in today's age of information explosion and heightened individuality.

So, where exactly do the opportunities for innovation in the alcohol industry lie? Dr. Xu He from RHIZOME CONSULTANCY will guide us back to the essence of "people" to discover opportunities for innovation within the context of alcohol.

Drunk & Jump into the Sea of Your Heart

DRUNK N’JUMP, which has different characterists of different pubs, played the revenue broke 100 million by the community in the last year, making a new kind of possibility of pubs.

Yi Sui said: "The logic of marketing is somewhat like a fisherman above the water, continuously attempting to catch freely swimming fish below using spears made of insights, trends, and creative campaigns. But why not try jumping in and swimming with them?"

DRUNK N’JUMP is like this, a sea where everyone can swim together, allowing each person to maximize themselves. In this process, people, space, and content naturally blend, and DRUNK N’JUMP has also become a small tavern with an annual revenue exceeding a hundred million, giving everyone the freedom to drink and to be themselves.

So, how was the "people-centered" DRUNK N’JUMP perfected?

[Panel Discussion] Reshaping the People-Product-Scene of Alcohol Consumption

1、What scenarios would make contemporary young people want to initiate a drink?

2、In these scenes, what kind of products can be selected?

Justin Guan, founder of INS Park, a new landmark in Shanghai's nightlife, and Neil, founder of BLUE DASH, a new drink brand that continues to grow sales by 200% year-on-year in the first half of 2023, will share their insights and practices with us.

On The Road Store: Pub+Convenience Store for A More Profitable "New Social Retail" Model

Nearly every alcohol brand has rich "content" behind it, but merely shouting "content" often leaves consumers aesthetically fatigued. From a million-follower public account to over 30 offline stores, how does On The Road Store transform intangible youth culture into a 4-billion-valued "social new retail" through the form of "pub+convenience store"?

Tasting Time

Let's toast to a beautiful world where every sip is a friendly invitation to embrace diversity and heritage.