Dr. Susan Jin
Dairy Talks
Head of Health BU Greater Asia
IFF Health & Bioscience

Susan Jin holds a PhD of Food Microbiology from INRA France.

As one of the pioneer working with Lactic acid bacteria both at Dairy and Dietary supplement industry in China, Susan has been working at multinational companies from Rhodia Food, Danisco and DuPont. Started as a technical manager for North Asia, product manager for culture and probiotics in China, product line leader for culture, probiotics, fiber, HMO in Asia Pacific in Danisco and Dupont. Now she is the Business Leader at IFF Health Business unit ( including probiotics, prebiotics, natural healthy ingredient, PS and HMO) in Greater Asia, she is also responsible for the culture & dairy enzyme business in Greater China

Susan is also the vice-chairman of China Food Science and Technology association ( CIFST) probiotic sub-association), the vice-chairman of Lactic acid bacteria sub-association of Shanghai Food Association. The member of China microbiology association ( industrial microbiology sub-association), the member at Shanghai prevention medical association ( microbiome sub-association), She also takes the role of Co-Chair of IPA China task force

Susan had published/ translated a couple of books/chapters like “ probiotics and healthy life”“ Yoghurt science and technology” etc., she is also one of the co-writers of the “ China probiotics scientific consensus in 2020”, “ 10 hot topics of China probiotic in 2021” etc., published by CIFST.

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