Heidi Yao
Ingredient Talks
Technical Director
Tate & Lyle PLC APAC

Ms. Heidi Yao joined Tate & Lyle as the Technical Director for APAC in 2022. Aiming to transforming lives through the Science of Food, Heidi leads technical team committed to make delicious food healthier, and Healthier food delicious through providing customer innovative quality, tasty and nutritious product solution adhering to our commitment to science, solution and society.

Ms. Heidi Yao has more than 30 years of work experience in the food and beverage industry. She has successively served in United Biscuits, Nabisco China, Danone Biscuits, PepsiCo Asia Pacific R&D Center, experience distributing Production Management, Quality Control, New Product Development, Process Optimization Innovative Process Set up, Food Safety and Quality by Design, and R&D Digital Transformation. R&D competence and capability building

Ms. Heidi Yao holds a Bachelor's degree in Food Engineering and a Master's degree in Business Administration.

Event Introduction
Ingredient Talks
 · 06/16 (Day 3)
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CC201B - Hall 18 2nd Floor
All For Better Health
A New Solution to Weight Management and Blood Sugar Offered by Dietary Fiber

Scientists at Tate & Lyle have seen in a large number of studies that Asian people exhibit a higher risk of developing diabetes, and China is one of the most affected areas. Many researches show that dietary fiber seems to be a key factor in controlling diabetes. How to manage weight more effectively? What kind of dietary fiber can help lower the risk of diabetes? Where else can dietary fiber play a role?

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