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Condiment & 3R Food
· 12.22 (Day 4)
New Taste That Spice Up New Lives
Trend Exploration
Taste for the Young: Decoding Innovation and Trends in Condiments Market

Tremendous changes have taken place in today's social and economic life, compounded by consequences imposed by Covid-19, lead to emerging needs in kitchen and on table. What changes has the new age brought to cooking and dining? How do we depict the profile of the younger generation of consumers? What can be done by the condiment industry, perceived understated and old-fashioned, to win the young taste buds?

Make Szechuan Style Condiments More "Intelligent"

Szechuan Sauce and Seasoning have a long history with development of traditional handicrafts. However, consumers nowadays pay more attention to food safety, health and variety of tastes. The industry of Szechuan style condiments needs benefits of modern food technologies.

[Panel Discussion] Standard Products on Left, Customization on Right: Which Way Should Catering Condiments Go?

The restaurant industry is an indispensable driver to the growth of condiments. A report by Meituan shows that nationwide franchising rate grew to 15% in 2020, which was only 8.1% in 2010. Franchising and scaling up entail culinary consistency in taste and quality.

How to make the cake bigger with catering customization as the new trend? How much market space is left for the standard products? Should condiment companies choose customization or standard products?

Battle of Taste
A Packet of Condiments Restore a Dish: How to Capture the Stomach of Young People from the Taste?

Young people do not like to cook, do not want to cook, but the appetite is raised picky. How to solve consumers' cooking problems with one packet of condiments?How to develop capabilities that support fast iteration to keep pace with the fast-changing consumer tastes?

Chips on the Table—How to Make 3R Foods Taste as Good as the Freshly Cooked?

In the end, it is all about the taste. The special making process of 3R foods determines that their taste is slightly inferior to freshly cooked dishes. What innovation can be applied to 3R foods ahead of serving to please the discerning taste buds of Chinese diners?

The Quest for Umami—Anything Else Is Fun About It?

Umami, the sensory experience that uniquely and significantly characterizes Chinese gastronomy. We expect this taste to be satisfyingly tasty and assuringly healthy. Where is the balance to strike among taste, healthiness, and naturalness for seasoning producers to win the hearts of consumers? Amid the spectrum of umami tastes in the profound culinary culture of China, what is the umami solution that can offer wide applicability to different cuisines? Last but not the least, where is the next innovation for umami taste?

"Reduction-ism" in Health Trend

Recent years see the zero-additive wind blow to condiments.  Many brands expect such "reduction-ism" to be a key step in breaking out from homogeneous competition. But we all know that the core value of condiments stays with taste. How to preserve great flavor in recipe innovations? How should manufacturers gain consumer insights and needs to improve product development in terms of lightweighting of the ingredient list?

[Panel Discussion] Less Fat, No Less Taste - How Does Light Diet Sauce Make Consumers Love Veggie?

Sauce, as important as salt, is the highlight of light food. Traditional salad sauce, however, puts consumers off due to its high calorie. Sauce for light food, which claims to be free of sugar and fat, comes to the fore. Can light food sauce satisfy the actual need of dieters and compensate the plain taste of salad? Will it be accepted by a wider audience and cover more dining scenarios?

Condiment & 3R Food
· 12.23 (Day 5)
New Taste That Spice Up New Lives
The Business of Patience: 3R Food
On The Eve of War in An Unexplored Market: Calm Thoughts on Hyped 3R Foods

3R foods have been a popular choice for families during lockdowns thanks to its easy-to-make and easy-storage features. As restaurants reopen and delivery services revive, will its popularity sustain?

Ahead of the Game - How to Deliver Hexagonal Excellence in Supply Chain for 3R Foods?

Here is a top player that has proved excellence in every and each aspect of the supply chain - raw material management, taste reproduction, cold chain network, marketing, distribution models, channel construction …… How does it come about?

[Panel Discussion] How to Win the Tough Fight Against Cost in Supply Chain?

The 3R food segment has long been troubled by volatile raw material prices, over dependency on third party refrigerated warehousing and transport, supplier management, and other unsolved problems. Which approach would be the best, to build a business empire through acquisitions and mergers, to own manufacturing capacity and align suppliers, or to enhance supply chain management for better cost efficiency?

The Breaking Point
Brave the Winds and Waves:How to Balance Product-Based Strength and Channels of Distribution

From frozen product to 3R food, how should brands deliver their advantages, explore growth opportunities through meticulous consumer insights, create star products while laying out sales channels and deliver excellent products to consumers?

The "Fandom" Phenomenon of Condiments

Condiments have a "fandom" too! How to run a brand private domain to have millions of "super sticky" fans? How to achieve a 450% buyer retention in private domain? And what makes fans so "crazy" that they buy up a offline shelve?

New Brands and New Channels, Any Other Way to Shape Consumer Recognition Besides?

New players join the game with disruptions and inject fresh vitality to the condiment market. So far the battle has not been in their favor in terms of grabbing existing channels from old brands or competing brand image. Will emerging channels be the place where new brands neatly win their first battle?