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· 6.25 (Day 1)
FBIF iFood Show · Foodtalks
Manufacturing Technology and Process Improvement
Breakthroughs in Yeast Proteins: Look into Food for the Future

Yeast proteins are a sustainable alternative protein of microbial origin after addressing the global shortage of high-quality proteins with plant-based and insect proteins. We will walk you through innovative applications and development trends of yeast proteins as a food ingredient.

Synthetic Biology: Powerhouse of Functional Food Innovation

Synthetic biology injects endless momentum into the upstream innovations for functional foods. How will this technology drive functional foods to evolve? What are the recipes for developing efficient and sustainable food ingredients, like synthetic breastmilk, sustainable alternative proteins, and novel sugar substitutes?

Product Innovation and Market Insights
Cold Start the Overseas Market for Functional Gummies

Addressing the international market is both an opportunity and a must-do for many companies, given increasingly fierce competition. Functional gummies are no exception. What are the ways for brands to efficiently build brand awareness? What do they need to know about branding and cultural communication?

Silver-hair Consumers Drive Seniors’ Healthy Foods Market

The silver economy has grown to a size that no one can afford ignoring. This consumer group exhibit a strong demand of nutrition and staying healthy, resulting in great market potential for functional foods for the middle-aged and elderly population.

[Panel Discussion] Case Study: The Rationale behind Going Viral

What makes a product go viral is more than the product itself. There is a systemic methodology from marketing to channels at work, a.k.a., maneuvers. No product goes viral by chance. Viral success only comes from active and total planning from concepts to market popularity.

· 6.26 (Day 2)
FBIF iFood Show · Foodtalks
Ingredient Insights and Industry Opportunities
Seizing New Opportunities: HMOs and Infant Nutrition Market in China

Once approved in China, HMOs (human milk oligosaccharides) have been quickly adopted in infant formulas by milk brands as a new star ingredient. The new functional ingredient has won tremendous attention thanks to its unique nutritional benefits. How will HMOs shape applications and trends in the infant nutrition market?

Explore “Food is Medicine”

Consumers’ enthusiasm towards food-is-medicine products has lifted this market into fast growth. Snacks, like gummies, and tea drinks that contain ingredients of medicinal benefits keep emerging. Where does the market stand now, and how much potential does it hold for the future?

[Panel Discussion] The Second Half of the Functional Food R&D Game

Functional foods are clearly the “next big thing” of the food and beverage industry in China. Its high growth speed has attracted many players to invest and deploy. Yes, there is a vast sea to swim for upstream raw material suppliers and processors, as well as midstream manufacturers and consumer brands!

Ecosystem Upgrade and Industry Cycles
Cost Optimization and Efficiency Boost in Food Manufacturing

The food and beverage manufacturing industry in China has been growing steadily, despite challenges resulted from cost spikes. Efficiency-boosting solutions are thus necessitated. Manufacturers press forward with digital transition to shift manufacturing processes from “traditional” to “smart”. How will digital and AI solutions empower manufacturers to cope with cost pressure and boost efficiency? How can competitiveness be built?

· 6.27 (Day 3)
FBIF iFood Show · Foodtalks
Innovative Packaging and Smart Marketing
Break down and Build up: Upgrade and Breakthroughs of Probiotics Packaging

Probiotics is accelerating as gut health moves under the market spotlight, with brands adding the probiotic category to their portfolios. In an upgraded packaging solution, WonderLab has successfully addressed the pain point of probiotic foods with bottled probiotics. 

High-precision Metrics for Digital Marketing: the Secrets behind ROI

The measures to quantify and improve ROI of digital marketing, including advertising and social media tactics, are explored in this part. We will examine the key strategies to accurately evaluating and optimizing marketing investment in the digital era through case studies and data-driven analytics.