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Channel & Supply Chain
· 12.22 (Day 4)
Grab "The Next" Channel
Report on and Prospect of Retailer-Supplier Relationship Under the New Pattern
[Panel Discussion] How Should Suppliers and Retailers Jointly Enhance Online and Offline Competence as Consumption Patterns Continuously Evolve?

Amid continuous changes in consumption patterns, it is a shared task for retailers and suppliers to boost online efficiency, draw consumers to shop offline and integrate online and offline experience seamlessly.

To cope with the ever-changing market environment requires not only constant self-enhancement but also reliable partners. How can suppliers and retailers be moats to each other by driving collaboration closer and deeper?

[Panel Discussion] How Do New Brands and Products Go Mainstream?

From 1 to 10, from niche market to mainstream consumers, new brands and products need broader channel partners that welcome novelty. At the same time, disrupted by O2O, live-stream e-commerce, and DTC brands, traditional distributors must step up efforts to respond to new consumer needs.

[Panel Discussion] Is Upstream Control a Must-have for Brands?

Some companies seem to have gone further in the narrative about building supply chain competence - acquiring and merging upstream players, building their own factories or industrial estates, laying hands on industry standard setting, etc. Possession and control bring peace of mind as well as larger investments. What are the advantages of and considerations for securing the upstream supply chain? How control can be gained by businesses that haven't gone far in the upstream?

Channel & Supply Chain
· 12.23 (Day 5)
Grab "The Next" Channel
Continuous Inflow of Consumer Insights Drive Connection among Channels, Products and Marketing

A true mastery over a channel and a consumer group is what brands seek after. The brand stores and priviate domains are results of such attempts. Does there exist a proprietary channel that matches the instant offline consumer scenario and delivers on A/B test. The Cooler AIoTs that Genki Forest, Nongfu Spring, Coca-Cola and Wall's have all employed in their operation seem to offer an answer.

An Effortless Supply Chain for Big Sales

Changes in the flow of commercial value brought by various marketing tactics have raised the bar for logistics responsiveness, e.g., conventional e-commerce sales and live-streaming sales for the public traffic and brand sales events and social media marketing for the private traffic. Capabilities like accurate demand forecasting and efficient logistics scheduling will help businesses stay composed in all hustle and bustle.

How Small- and Medium-sized enterprises Develop Awareness and Cognition in Supply Chain Management

In the process of a company going from 0 to 1, the combination of internal and external factors will shape its unique operating model, but the problems it faces may be similar—supply chain costs remain high, and customer service levels are difficult to improve. To build a supply chain with balanced production and sales and coordinated development, what kind of cognition do small- and medium-sized enterprises need? What are the possible points of focus?

Explore the Next Planet: eB2B

Among various channels, eB2B likes a new planet waiting to be exploited. Around it are several force: Internet-based B2B platforms, retailers' owned infrastructure and brands' owned infrastructure, all of which want to take eB2B in their own possession.

What is the right way for brands to assess the value of exploiting the eB2B?

Demand-oriented Flexibility is the Advantage

To cope with complex market competition, the supply chain needs to achieve good production and sales coordination

to ensure the production and sales coordination of small or large batch orders realized by personalized on-chain needs, in order to achieve order changes, flexible switching, and stable delivery period, For the price, it is imperative to provide the chain by itself.