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Hello, Super Foods!
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SONO Food Leaders Summit
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CC205B - Hall 18 2nd Floor
Strategic Decision Making
The Philosophy of Corporate Value: What to Be, Where to Play, How to Win

No matter how to define the upgrading or downgrading of consumption, the increasing impact of quality-price ratio, as well as the fit between brand value and consumer perception is a trend that cannot be neglected. As leaders, how would you construct the vision and define the distinctiveness of your company? How would you deliver your sense of value to consumers? What actions would you take to formulate a competitive strategy and stand out in the market in the long run?

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Organization and Leadership
1+1>2: Effective Intergenerational Management

When senior professionals meet with the new generation of "workers", the differences in work experience, personal experience, and thinking patterns may bring potential conflicts to the organization; when the appropriate culture and work processes are established, diversity can build a more robust team - an excellent team with more comprehensive perspectives, more reasonable decisions, more complementary capabilities, and more effective execution.

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Branding and Marketing
[Digital World] Branding in the Future World: From Mindset to Technology

ChatGPT, Midjourney ...... When technology comes to application, it may have a disruptive impact on human life in a short period.

-How will the technology outbreak affect the way humans understand the world?

-What will brands look like in the future?

-How can companies work with AI employees to lead their brands into the future?

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Supply Chain
Facing the Emerging ESG Trend: Strategies for a Sustainable Supply Chain

With the evolution of business civilization, ESG has become one of the dimensions for evaluating corporate social responsibility and even potential business returns. A sustainable supply chain is an essential part of corporate ESG practices. How to Tailor the General Strategies for your own Sustainable Supply Chain?