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· 6.25 (Day 1)
Start Up, Stand Out
4.2H - Hall B2
Rhythm of Starting
Address from Chair
Look for the Next "Lemon"

Year 2021 saw lemon prevail tea drinks. At certain points of time lemon-based drinks fueled 400% growth by sold units and revenue. Lemon Republic, Ningji Tea, LINLEE ... challenger start-ups swiftly seized the opportunity and rode the waves of consumers craving for a new category. With some giants joining the game—Coca-Cola, Nongfu Spring, Xiang Piao Piao—the "second growth curve" is taking shape.

Grabbing a trend is grabbing an opportunity of building a new business. What is the next big thing? What could be the next "lemon" for the food and beverages sector?


[Panel Topic] Product is Ready. Where is Market Zero?

CAT FOUR COFFEE positioned itself as Yunnan local coffee, then become the first brewing coffee brand in the TikTok E-commerce platform. KaiCha, with its experience as a digital products distributor, decided to launch its first unsweetened tea drink fully offline. Now it ranks 8th in the market share of China's unsweetened tea. JiǎnFǎ Wheat selects the alkaline bread category and sold 300 million yuan in 2023, making it a dark horse brand for annual growth marked by Oceanengine

What are the learnings from their alternative approaches? How to find the market zero as efficiently as they did?

Opportunity Hidden in Giants’ Strengths: How Shiyue Daotian is reshaping rice industry?

How can a challenger brand wedge into a market that is walled by giants? Starting a business to break through in the rice market seems impossible?

Shiyue Daotian, meaning October rice, is a staple food producer that made over RMB 4.5 billion revenue and went listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2023. It has successfully transformed the old rice business with clear focus on e-commerce and new-retail supermarkets and by tapping into Internet thinking and digital technology.

Babatang: The Method of Counter-Trend Growth for a Single-Product Bakery

Running a bakery chain is an "attractive" business, but surviving amidst intense competition and uncertainty requires entrepreneurs to resist the temptation of rapid expansion. In the heavily reshuffled baking market, Babatang focuses on the "handmade toast" category, rooted in the continuous optimization of supply chain, product quality, and store operation efficiency. This strategy has led to the opening of stores in 182 cities, secured financing worth hundreds of millions, and achieved revenues exceeding 600 million yuan.

FBIF invited Cao Guoliang, founder of Babatang to share: How did the steadily growing Babatang pave a unique path of counter-trend expansion that is difficult to replicate?

Lunch & Food Show Tour
Global Startup Wave Outlook
Despite having different backgrounds, the passion, courage, and ambition of entrepreneurs are universal. FBIF invites innovative entrepreneurs and experienced investors from around the world to discuss the future of the food and beverage industry on the FBIF stage!
Global Startups Showcase

What kinds of businesses are global entrepreneurs running now? How do their products break through technological, market or regulatory constraints and lead the trends in the field of food and beverage?

FBIF invite entrepreneurs with different backgrounds to present their impressive breakthrough cases.

[Investor Perspective] What is a great idea? How does investor transfer a great idea to a real business?

The success of entrepreneurial projects can not be separated from the discovery and support of investors.

What are the potential "good ideas" that investors are looking for? How do investors incubate them to the center of attention In different market contexts?

[Global Startups Talk] Zero to One: How did startups start up?

Starting a business requires a good idea, a coordinated team, a tight plan and enough start-up capital. What's more, it requires optimism and an indomitable heart to face the possibility of failure.

Challenge has no border. Global entrepreneurs come together to talk about their startup stories.

Startup Talks
· 6.26 (Day 2)
Start Up, Stand Out
4.2H - Hall B2
Face Growth Anxiety
Address from Chair
New Consumption Startups: Back to the Fundamentals of Business

When investors regain calmness, the hype around new consumption subsides and startups move back to the fundamentals of business. What are the fundamentals of business? Make products that consumers need, build solid and robust supply chains, grow, and improve distribution networks, and stay motivated and self-reliant. 

Light Frontend and Robust Backend: How does the Shumai brand One Dog Doge win in the competition?

Is the New onsumer model defined by "asset-light + heavy operation"? A light frontend and robust Backend might be the key to navigating the era of cost-effectiveness.

Focus on One Dog Doge, the Shumai Brand with manufacturing-distribution-retail integration. Facing the challenge of formulas leaked and white-label competition, One Dog Doge chose to construct their own factory at any cost. Now it has surpassed 200 million yuan in sales and become the top1 in the Shumai sub-category on Tmall for 2023. Even if the cost is huge, why did they choose to build their own factory?

[Panel Discussion] As the dividend from a single channel fades, how can new consumer brands make 'holistic considerations'?"

E-commerce, streaming, supermarket, oversea market... Behind the rise of every new brand, there is always an channel it specializes in. However, with increasing traffic costs, fierce competition and slowing growth, new consumer brands cannot survive on a single sales channel.

As the dividend from individual channels fades, how can new consumer brands, forced to step out of their 'comfort zones', make holistic considerations?

One year of "Double Tops", Yikeda™ redefines the tomato category!

Man proposes, God disposes. Finding the product that is "meant" to rock is the first step of creating "the next big thing." 

Founded less than two years,  Yikeda™ has become the TOP1 in the tomato category on Tmall with 40+% repurchase rate and 60+% market share for cherry tomatoes. Relying on intelligent agricultural production system and the establishment of stringent fruit grading standards, Yikeda™ has successfully branded tomato products and redefined the category.

10,000 Boxes of Buffalo Milk Sold Out in 24 Hours: The ‘blockbuster product’ Philosophy of Gebiliunainai

In 2020, Gebiliunainai's limited edition buffalo milk was launched, with 10,000 boxes selling out within 24 hours during the pre-sale;

From 2021 to 2022, Neighbor Liu's cumulative sales scale increased tenfold year-on-year;

In 2022, sales tripled compared to the previous year, and the newly launched "Buffalo Formula Mini Pure Milk" also became a best-seller.

Starting from scratch to develop the buffalo milk formula, how did Gebiliunainai, through consumer insights based on human nature, over 1,800 days of extensive research and development, and an extreme pursuit of user experience, establish a competitive edge in the highly concentrated dairy market?

Lunch & Food Show Tour
Methodology for Entrepreneurship
What Makes a Resilient Team?

A high-performing startup team may struggle to adapt during a transition phase: any turbulence can amplify existing organizational issues, making the transition even more challenging and exacerbating existing problems. On the other hand, a resilient organization is able to swiftly and agilely pivot amid uncertainties and risks, helping businesses survive cycles.

FBIF invites Freeman Xu, the Partner of Coostrategy with more than two decades of HR experience in multinational companies and local Internet startups. Join us and clear your doubts through talks with him.

Over 1 Billion in 2 Years: How Royal Xiao Hu Elevate its Repurchase Rate and Win by Efficiency?

Once involved in the "price war", entrepreneurs have to compromise their product quality, even selling at a loss, ultimately leading to a lose-lose situation. However, the frozen food brand Royal Xiao Hu has successfully navigated this challenge by completing a virtuous cycle: identifying user needs to boost sales - scaling orders to reduce costs - offering high quality and low price to enhance repurchase rates. Now Royal Xiao Hu has achieved sales exceeding 1 billion and secured the top spot for grilled sausage sales across the entire platform in just two years.

How can Royal Xiao Hu, committed to "value productism", further elevate its repurchase rate and win by efficiency?

After A Startup Stepped on A Pit

Can't make sales without generating traffic? Can't survive without offering steep discounts? Wang Yumeng and Chabiubiu's "troubleshooting" experiences, with a combined total of over 160,000 views, have struck a chord with new consumer entrepreneurs. 

Why did she choose to speak out? What is the original leaf tea brand Chabiubiu still committed to, six months after its explosive popularity?

How Did Songxianxian Escape the "burning mone" Quagmire and Develop a Profitable Model?

In 2021, Songxianxian was swept up in the influencer live-streaming trend and was forced into the spotlight due to an streaming incident. By 2023, Songxianxian had achieved profitability for two consecutive years, with a year-on-year growth of 300%. Its user base exceeded ten million, ranking first in the seasoning category on Tik Tok, and in the chicken essence categories on Tmall and JD.

Once a company falls into difficulty, reversing the situation can be extremely challenging. How did Songxianxian manage to turn losses into profits and become a leading brand in the healthy seasoning industry?

ELECTRO X: Targeting Core Demographics, Beverage Startups Rely on "Focus" to Grow

From its inception, ELECTRO X decided to cater to the "sports crowd" market. They concentrated their resources where this demographic is prevalent: focusing on first-tier and new first-tier cities with a high concentration of sports enthusiasts, entering premium supermarkets and convenience stores, partnering with gyms, sports centers, five-star hotels, sports brands and professional events, and integrating into the lifestyle of sports enthusiasts. In less than three years since its founding, ELECTRO X has completed three rounds of financing, achieving monthly sales in the millions and experiencing rapid growth in the crowded beverage market.

FBIF invited Li Yu, founder of ELECTRO X, to discuss how a startup with limited resources concentrate on a core positioning and achieve growth through "focus."