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Plenary Session
· 6.14 (Day 1)
North Ballroom - Hall 18 1st Floor
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Global Trends Insight
[Chief Talk] Future Consumption: Recovery, Transition, and Confidence

Consumption prosperity comes from consumers' well-being. Growth of consumer goods companies is driven by their capability of inspiring consumer happiness. What kind of happy life do consumers desire amid drastic changes? What food and beverage companies can do to build a happy life with consumers?

The 5 Consumer Trends Shaping the Future of Innovation

The continuous evolution of consumer values, needs & behaviors is the fuel of successful innovation. The pandemic has accelerated the pace of change in consumers’ attitudes and consumption patterns. The main question is, what matters to them now? It's important to understand what their desires and priorities are to generate inspirations, spark innovations and create ideas.

Let's explore together 5 key consumer trends that have emerged for food and beverage categories.

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The New Plant-Based Time: Looking Back, Seeing the Future

Since 2018, the concept of plant-based has taken root in the industry as a new way of eating. With the global ESG boom, plant-based has also played a significant role in the sustainable development of the earth. In this "plant revolution", it wants to promote the consumer upgrade in the quality of excellence.

- In the past few years, what value has plant-based, which emphasizes Good For Earth, Good For People, brought to the world?

- The new plant-based rise, not to be a substitute for anyone, how it "do it yourself" in the industry?

- Under the competition of a thousand sails and a hundred boats, how many possibilities are there for the future of plant-based?

Technology · Transformation
[Deep Thinking] AI Technology's Boundary Exploration in Business
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A Time of Resilience
[In-depth Dialogue] Global Macroeconomic Insights

Global economic growth in 2023 is projected to slow down to 1.7%, according to the World Bank’s forecast, the slowest pace outside the 2009 and 2020 recessions in the past three decades. Amid widespread inflation and slower economic growth, emerging markets and developing countries are hindered by multiple factors. What are the future trends of supply chain, energy, commodities etc., as pandemic control is normalized around the world?

[Chief Talk] Black and White Thinking Under Uncertainty and Sustainable Future

After three years of shocks and challenges, uncertainty may become one of the core keywords for many years to come. Consumers tend to be rational, global energy crisis and rising raw material prices, rising hyperinflation and sustainability will all affect the strategic decisions of companies. How do we find a green, resilient and sustainable direction in the midst of chaos?

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