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Food & Money
· 6.15 (Day 2)
Start Up, Stand Out
CC201A - Hall 18 2nd Floor
Make Investment Worthy
Go with the Flow in VUCA Era

When flourishing, everything grows freely; when storms come, one must go from "flowing in the flourishing environment" to "going with the flow".

Where is the industry's current driving force coming for food and drink? And where will it go?

How Do Start-up Spread Channels?

In recent years, many start-ups rely on online single channels to rise, but with the high cost of traffic and the fading of dividends, they are easy to fall into the dilemma of "developed online, developed in capital, limited to offline, endangered in street battles". Consumers' shopping scene is diverse. Chinese food enterprises have experienced the traditional deep distribution period, the e-commerce traffic battle period, and the diversified integration of online and offline channels. How does a1 Snack Lab think and practice holistically?

[Panel Discussion] Technology: The Primary Productivity Driver!

In the food and beverage industry, which is often considered to be "low tech", will technologies build moats for the F&B industry? Where are the boundaries of technology?

Lunch & Food Show Tour
Consumer Investment Is A Long-distance Running

The consumer industry is similar to the sun in that, while it rises and sets owing to the movement of the earth, it remains constant and warm. In the face of such a sun business, investment becomes a long-distance race that requires stamina and determination:

1. Why does BA Capital say there are always opportunities in consumer investment?

2. BA Capital's investment methodology

3. How can investment institutions help industry innovation from pre-investment and post-investment dimensions?

The Hare and the Tortoise: Industrial Investment

What are the advantages and disadvantages of food companies with industry support making investment compared to traditional investment institutions?

Tea Break & Food Show Tour
Global Vision: Opportunities in Overseas Markets

How will Chinese food and drink companies fulfill their "age of discovery" goals?

External Innovation from “0”

When we talk about external innovation, we can always think of companies integrating external resources and internalizing various technologies, knowledge, and so on to improve their competitiveness.

… But this is something that happens later.

External innovation is a company's capability, not merely a means to an end, and developing capability requires long-term accumulation. So, how should companies enhance their external innovation capabilities?

External Innovation: The Opportunity Hunter

From an investment perspective, how can companies seize external possibilities and enhance their innovative capabilities through resource coordination?

Food & Money
· 6.16 (Day 3)
Start Up, Stand Out
CC201A - Hall 18 2nd Floor
To the Future
[Panel Discussion] Digital World: Consumption Outlook

What do AIGC technologies and applications have in store for us? How will they change the way we perceive the world?

"User-centered": How to Understand the Real User Value Behind the "Show-off"?

There are more and more dazzling new terms for technology, but while embracing new things, the consumer goods industry has its own unchanging nature.

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Good Content = Brand Power?

When we talk about "content", what does it mean for brands? What kind of value can content create for brands when the digital dividend is no longer available?

[Panel Discussion] How to Build A Brand That Moves People's Hearts?

"Fashion passes, style remains!", start-up how to cultivate unique style of brand?

Lunch & Food Show Tour
Tea Time: The Pits We Have Stepped on Together Those Years...

(1) New Investment Relationship: How do investors and founders grow together?

(2) Team building: should you choose people who are "competent" or "believe in you"?

(3) The resilience of entrepreneurs: "The last leg of a journey just marks the halfway point", but are we still on the first step or the ninety-ninth step? In an uncertain era, how do we maintain the belief to keep moving forward?