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Growth and Beyond Growth
4.2H - Hall E
Users Positioning
Big Reward from Small Market with the Right Scenario

AB InBev links Corona with the dining scenario through limes. Oatly puts oat milk on a fast track by leveraging tea and coffee in China. Wusu and Hope Water builds up the momentum next to hotpots. Alienergy and Bu Shui La compete for sponsorship at ball sports and e-sports games. Clif Bar & Company, an American company for energy foods and drinks, connects with outdoor enthusiasts with the line "Keep Up with Season".

Specific scenarios contain endless opportunities for products and businesses. One may catch a big "fish" with solid work done in small "pools".


M-ACTION: One Year, Over 350% Quarterly CAGR

Domestic sports enthusiasts exceeded 600 million people, and sports nutrition is growing at a rate of nearly 20% per year! Aiming at the "sports scene", M-ACTION firstly solves the major pain point of traditional protein powder, which is difficult to find water and brew. It develops a variety of different professional products based on the people with different exercise intensity, such as high-intensity "practitioners" and medium-intensity "fat loss and shaping crowd". So how does M-ACTION, which has filled the gap in China's sports nutrition market, achieve "a thousand faces for a thousand people"?

With for 1.8 Billion in Sales, How to Empower Users to Advocate for Them?

Ylswan, a dark horse in the egg industry, surged to a sales figure of 1.8 billion within just a few short years! It has ranked as the top-selling high-quality egg brand nationwide for 3 consecutive years! Amidst a market with diverse products but lacking distinct brands, Ylswan took the lead in standardizing non-standard agricultural products, precisely targeting demographics, and crafting consumption scenarios, thus achieving both brand success and sales breakthroughs. So, how exactly did these small eggs manage to win over consumers' hearts

How Did Tianlala Plant 7,000 "Sweet Fruits" in County Towns Over 10 Years?

If you live in a first- or second-tier city, you might not be familiar with Tianlala. Yet, it has silently "branched out" across county towns, townships, and schools, opening 7,000 stores in a decade. This number even surpasses McDonald's 6,657 stores (as of February 2024). How has Tianlala managed to expand so rapidly in lower-tier markets? What patterns have be identified in these markets, and what "battle-tested" experiences can be shared?

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Lunch & Food Show Tour
Branding Strategy
"The 'Double Hundred Billion' Eastroc Beverage: Boosting Sales with Intellectual Traffic"

Currently, the only domestic energy drink brand with a revenue exceeding ten billion yuan - Eastroc Energy Drink, achieved a revenue of 10.3 billion yuan in 2023! In addition, the revenues of other growth brands like Eastroc Daka and Eastroc Bushuila reached 914 million yuan, marking a staggering year-on-year growth of 186.65%, demonstrating remarkable vitality!

Such remarkable performance not only reflects consumers' choices, but also embodies Eastroc 's successful brand strategy! So, what exactly has Eastroc done in terms of brand strategy to resonate so deeply with consumers?

Essential Course for Food Brands: Crisis Communications in social media age

Social media age, potential crisis is everywhere, especially in the food industry! Facing issues such as food safety, product recalls, environmental concerns, and fraud, turning "crisis" into "opportunity" becomes a core challenge for businesses.

Even when a business operates smoothly, the moment a crisis strikes, a comprehensive crisis management plan becomes a "must-have" to safeguard the company's reputation.

Effective crisis management can enhance trust, as demonstrated by Starbucks and Haidilao; on the other hand, inaction or incorrect actions may lead to loss of trust and even a decrease in market share.


- How to carry out systematic and professional crisis communications plan before, during, and after a crisis to eliminate risks at the "pre-disease" stage;

- How to timely issue warnings during sudden negative public opinion, develop emergency response plans, and execute precise tactics and communication strategies.

Brand Building and Strategy: How Can Brands in Emerging Markets Grasp the Context of Growth and Expand Their Global Footprint?

In the 2019 "Fortune Global 500" rankings, the United States occupies 208 seats, while China has only 40 brands selected, none of which made it to the top ten. Brands should not be a weakness in China's international economic and cultural exchanges, and companies should not merely focus on short-term efficiency gains in the "fog" .

FBIF have invited Professor Jan-Benedict Steenkamp,  the Massey distinguished professor of marketing and leadership at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as well as an author  of the critically acclaimed book Brand Breakout: How Emerging Markets Brands Will Go Global (also published in Chinese) and one of the  only three scholars to receive the highest lifetime achievement awards from both the American and European Marketing Associations. He is also a fellow at Fudan University,  and  Chairman International Board of Experts, Institute for Nation(al) Branding, Shanghai. He will personally guide you from brand construction to market expansion, showing you how to position your brand in China and embark on a global journey. Don't miss out on this two-hour workshop!

Marketing Talks
· 6.26 (Day 2)
Growth and Beyond Growth
4.2H - Hall E
Where does Growth Come From
A Fresh Perspective: Exploring 16 Consumer Scenarios for Comprehensive Insights into Consumer Behavior

Today, consumers have diverse needs for similar products in different contexts. Building upon this, instant retail has further optimized the "thousand faces, thousand scenarios" marketing strategy in e-commerce, implementing refined operations to directly showcase products in various usage scenarios. As an industry leader, Meituan Instashopping has deeply collaborated with multiple top brands to jointly explore and implement this concept. Faced with the challenge of "thousand faces, thousand scenarios," what scientific and precise strategies should brands adopt to meet the diverse needs of consumers?

"New Products Play Long- Lasting Game": Online Sales Growth Soars from 40% to Over 70% in One Year

In today's market, creating new products is crucial yet filled with challenges, as seen with the continuously popular and timely sugar-free tea niche. How can we lock in the correct R&D direction from the start? Without sufficient data in the early stages, how can we validate the true effectiveness of a new product? Once the product is on the market and in the operational phase, how can we effectively extend its lifecycle? These stages are interlinked, each is critical and not to be overlooked.

How then should we precisely execute each phase? And how can AI technology help enhance efficiency?

Laoxue on Douyin: One Scenario Mobilizes X Regional Markets

Lao Xue (Snow Beer Classic), a rising star under China Resources, achieved double-digit year-on-year growth in product sales in 2023!

In 2022, Laoxue had been viewed 1.13 billion times on Douyin thanks to the "Laoxue Challenge". The product exploded for the first time beyond its regular consumers.

In 2023, Laoxue joins hands with 70+ high-traffic restaurants to celebrate the Crayfish Festival in Wuhan, also known as a river town. A Laoxue+Crayfish template model has been built and reproduced in Shanghai, Jinan, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, and more cities.

Registering a much higher ecommerce growth rate than other beer brands and mobilizing the heavy offline channels, what has made Laoxue so successful?

Swisse's "Seeding Strategy" on Xiaohongshu: Sales Surge by 166%, Multiple Products Claim Top 1

With a limited budget, how to optimally allocate to various products? How to maximise the use of budget for various products to achieve "stable first place for mature products and rush to first place for potential products"?

Swisse used the Xiaohongshu to achieve a 166% year-on-year increase in sales of the mature product "K2 Calcium", and the efficacy of the potential product has become a hotly debated keyword. During the period of 618, the GMV even topped the TOP 1 of the e-commerce platform in the healthcare industry. So how exactly does Swisse tailor-make its products to achieve a differentiated product?


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Lunch & Food Show Tour
Viral Products and Creativity
“Outrageously Offbeat” of Thai Advertisements: Hit 1 Million Views in Just 3 Hours!

Thai advertisements are a unique presence in the industry—what you can't imagine, Thai ads can achieve. While this may sound like a joke, you can always trust Thai ads! They'll make you "guess the beginning of the story but never the end." After watching, you'll find yourself savoring every moment, wanting more...

In one commercial, a Thai girl, desperate to make friends at her new school, tries various methods learned from her friend but fails until she discovers an app. Within three hours, the video hits a million views, and the app's downloads soar by 28% in just one day!

So where does the magic of Thai ads come from? And what lessons can we learn from them?



(Resource: WPP website)

[Workshop] Heineken's Heartwarming Creativity: Advertising with Closed Restaurants, Cleaner Uniforms, and Transforming Bars into Museums......

At the 2022 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Heineken emerged as the MOST awarded alcoholic beverage brand and made it to the TOP "Creative Brand of the Year" in 2023! Meanwhile, its global creative agency, Le Pub, also awarded 3rd for "Agency of the Year" at the same festival!

As the saying goes, "The hardest thing to earn is the human heart." So, how does Le Pub touch hearts with its "tradition-breaking" creativity?

FIVE exquisite case studies, 80 minutes, bringing you a "feast" of new creative experiences!

* This session is conducted in English. For your convenience in participating in live interaction, please pick up simultaneous interpretation headphones in advance.

* Engage in on-site interaction and win Heineken.



(Resource: Le Pub website)

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Weilong: Ignite a Big Topic with Small Creativity

When it comes to brands that play especially well with young people, Weilong deserves the honour! A small spicy snack can not only conquer your taste buds, but also win over your heart through creative cases! Weilong XBag received 200 million views. The "I quit" marketing by Weilong at the Double Eleven big sale hit 50 million views. The 'Dragon King' short video for the 2024 Spring Festival Gala achieved over 300 million exposures and 20 million views. So what exactly makes Weilong's creativity go viral across the internet?



(Resource: Weilong WeChat Official Account)