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Snack & Baking
· 6.25 (Day 1)
Make Snack Delicious And Fun
4.2H - Hall D1
New Strategic Trends
Address from Chair
Focus & Insight: Trends, Waves and Changes in the Trillion Snacks Market

The moves made by the giants may give some clues about market trends in the future. How do they identify or incubate "growth stocks"?

[Panel Discussion] Recovery of Offline Channels: Accelerating Growth in Snacks Market

In the face of performance growth, channel is undoubtedly a strong correlation variable. From offline to online, and then to the omni-channel layout, every change in the channel end has led to changes in the snack food industry. In 2023, China's offline channels accounted for more than 85% of the share of leisure food circulation, in the face of more and more like "going out" of the consumer groups, offline channel is now recovering! 

Haoxiangni invested in bulk selling in brick-and-mortar stores, Jiashili comprehensively build omni-channel and continuously expands sales networks.In the surging snack market, how can brands make high growth sustainable? Fully embrace the offline channel or the key!

Product & Brand Enhancement
Topic Reserved for Ferrero China
Godiva: A Master of Gourmet Chocolate

In Japan, where gift-giving and dessert culture are very strong, chocolate has long been the "national snack" of Japan by virtue of its social attributes and sweet flavour, beating all other sub-categories by nearly 17%. The bigger the market, the bigger the competition, how in the world should brands break through? How can Godiva define itself as a high-end chocolate brand and make itself a "luxury brand" in the extremely voluminous market? How can Godiva quadruple its revenue in 13 years? How does Godiva make consumers fall into the chocolate "vortex"? You must comeon site to hear the answers!

零1 零3 零2

(Source: LinkedIn@Godiva Chocolatier)

Sweeten the Future, Start with Creativity

It is quite "bitter" for brands to sale the sweets. Besides health, what else can brands use to impress consumers? 

In the 112 years since its establishment, Kanro has launched amount of products that "accurately anticipate" consumers' preferences: launched voice care lozenges collaborated with a vocal academy, launched Braon energy candies collaborated with eSports players, air-infused Marosh candies, and watercolour gradient raindrop candies with a watercolour touch, all based on the theme of the plum rainy season... With deep consumer insights and strong R&D capabilities, Kanro has secured the No. 1 market share in the Japanese confectionery market!

Adjusting the hardness, adding functions, changing the shape, and gaining insights into the needs, Kanro proves with its strength that as long as it understands the consumers well enough, dares enough, and creative enough, the candy can absolutely capture the hearts of consumers of all ages!

Lunch & Food Show Tour
Healthy Ingredients "Innovation"
The Magical Konjac, the Massive Market

The konjac is going viral! The konjac products of YanJin Food sales up 163% YoY in H1 2023. The first slice of konjac vegetarian tripe on the market with the ultimate taste and innovative flavors to make consumers from excited and "addictive". Let's see how YanJin Food can use konjac to pry the hundred-billion-level snack market.

"Digging" Konjac Potential Stocks

Consumers of health, taste and texture of the ultimate pursuit of konjac, so that the dormant 3000 years of konjac has finally been "tapped" out more potential. This colourless and tasteless agricultural products, has become the brightest presence in the snack market.  In addition to jelly and vegetarian tripe, what kind of konjac product can still be created? Let's start from the R&D and innovation, to explore the konjac in the future of the infinite possibilities!

A Green Plum Can Be Anything: Small Plums, "Planting" a Big Market!

When it comes to plums, the LiuLiu Orchard Group must already appeared in everyone's mind. With a small plum, Slippery LiuLiu Orchard Group has opened up a big market: with 2 billion pills sold a year, green plums have taken over the minds of consumers.

However, the market needs innovation, so the LiuLiu Orchard Group has successively launched plums without kernel, plum jelly, plum cake, with plum as the core of the product matrix is becoming richer and richer. In today's snack market, how many more possibilities are there for the 3,000-year-old green plum?

Grains, on Call 24/7!

Still think grains as a breakfast food? It has broken down the shackles of breakfast and penetrated more dining scenarios as indicated by 11.4% CAGR from 2017 to 2022.

Keto friendly, gluten-free, nuts-free, granola … Grains meet all of your needs all day long. Boasting of a thousand-trillion-scale market globally, grains—from cereal, energy bars, to outdoor snacks—have infinite potential in the domestic market.


[Afternoon Tea] Greetings from New Sets

You are missing out on trends if you have not tried an afternoon tea set that features nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables. These healthy food combos are never overwhelming to young consumers who want to tick all the boxes.

Snack & Baking
· 6.26 (Day 2)
Make Snack Delicious And Fun
4.2H - Hall D1
Think Bold and Different
Address from Chair
Subtraction Strategy: Pare Down and Focus

Consumer loyalty is shrinking. New products keep emerging and brands are caught in chaotic fights, trying hard to be remembered. In the fight for survival, no two species can occupy the same ecological niche, while in the business realm, brands have to pare down and focus on the core category to win consumers’ mind.

Let’s then have a chat about the "pruners" and "magnifiers" for brands’ deployment strategies.


Cracking The Youthful DNA of PepsiCo

Facing the ever-changing snack market and the new generation with an attitude, how can classic brands approach young consumers in a more vibrant, relaxed and approachable way? PepsiCo must be highlighted on this topic! How can PepsiCo, as an "old" brand, maintain the contrast of a young brand image?  It has completed iterations and upgrades time and again, used innovative thinking to lead the wave of the new generation, and has continued to promote the growth of brand power and commercial value in both directions. In this speech, Nina Mu, Chief Marketing Officer, Greater China Foods, PepsiCo, will focus on how to create a sense of youthfulness for the brand, expanding new scenarios, localised innovation and digital drive, which are the core secrets of PepsiCo always being "so young"!

["Outdoor" Exploration] Pack up Snacks and Go Camping

What?! Young people are running away from home? Statistics show that the demand for snacks in outdoor activities, as one snacking scenarios, grew dramatically by 48.3%. Outdoor activities, like travelling, camping, and markets, are extremely appealing to young people and provide an excellent opportunity for snacks penetrating new scenarios. This time, brands shall go wherever consumers go.

Reminder: no time for camping due to this event? No worries! We will set up tents indoor and experience with you the ceiling-free romance. Make you seize every fleeting inspiration!

Lunch & Food Show Tour
Bakery: Potential Products and Models
Topic Reserved for Bliss Cake
Searching For New opportunities in Baking: See Clearly, Eat With Ease

Under the new normal, the bakery track has changed from high-speed growth to medium-low speed, and it is especially important to look for new opportunities in the old track. For consumers, taste and texture are always the first pursuit in purchasing bread, and it has become a new consumer trend to pay for "eating healthy without burden". More than 87% of consumers are choosing bakery products by reading labels! As a result, the label "light" proposition has gained absolute advantage, and new retail channels have launched healthy concept products. Let's take a look at the global bakery market trends, unlock the bio-solutions, and see how bakery companies can capitalize on the trend and win the "fresh" opportunity!

Beyond Frozen: Starting From Technology, Fuses The "Boiling" Market With Frozen Bakery

The speed of bakery pop-ups has changed from "yearly" to "monthly" or even shorter, and bakery products have become the "secret of flow" to catch the Gen-Z. The main consumer "bread and dessert lover" is "pressing" the bakery industry to integrate with retail, supermarket, coffee and tea, catering, e-commerce and other channels. It has even successfully broken the circle and become the magic weapon of luxur to catch young people.

However, the complex technology, high cost and consumers' pursuit of freshness, flavor and high quality in the baking industry have often kept people away, so what else can be done? The Puratos Group, a century-old Belgian food technology company, will unveil the mystery of the baking industry, and use the new frozen technology to enhance the baking fusion, and directly tell you how to make the "cake" of frozen baking bigger and bigger!

Topic Reserved for Garden Bakery
[Magic Bakery] Ding ding ding! Here Comes Spicy Hotpot Bacon Bagels for You!

Bagels → spicy bagels → spicy hotpot bacon bagels

Ciabatta → ciabatta with meat → ciabatta with mei gan cai (a preserved vegetable) and meat

In this session, cool and happy brands and bakeries are invited to co-create with us to show the "soft power" of bread.